WWE Monday Night RAW Preview: Championship Shift Causes a New Beginning!

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJune 30, 2008


What a change can one week make! After the draft and last night’s Night of Champions, tonight’s Monday Night RAW is a whole new beginning.


Last week, we saw the WWE Draft that some come...and some leave. Among the departures was Jeff Hardy, good ol’ J.R., but most shockingly the WWE Champion Triple H who left to Smackdown.  But RAW also welcomed Rey Mysterio, CM Punk and The Animal Batista.


With the WWE Championship moving to Smackdown, it was up to Batista or John Cena to bring gold back to RAW at Night of Champions. Batista was inches away from winning the World Heavyweight Championship against Edge, but thanks to La Familia, Edge keeps the World Title on Smackdown.


It was all up to John Cena. A victory would make him WWE Champion once again, and bring the WWE Title back on RAW. But after a clash between the two top Superstars in the WWE, The Game prevailed. Triple H is still the WWE Champion.


So what now? RAW is now with no top Title. What will take place tonight? No doubt this issue will be brought up by certain superstars.


The supplemental draft saw young high-flyer Kofi Kingston move to RAW from ECW. Who knew what the future held for this young superstar. At Night of Champions, the Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho had no opponents. Jericho said he didn’t know who his opponent would be, but he knew he wouldn’t be Shawn Michaels, thanks to him.


Answering the open challenge, out comes the Jamaican sensation up for the challenge. Not even with Lance Cade on the look-out could stop Shawn Michaels for interfering. Out came the Heart-Break Kid, distracting The Champion. This was a costly mistake as Kingston takes advantage.


With a new intercontinental Champion, how will Kofi Kingston celebrate? And what will Chris Jericho have to say to Shawn Michaels, who cost him his Title.


Also at Night of Champions, Ted DiBiase Jr. kept his word. His mystery partner was none other than Cody Rhodes, who immediately turned on his former partner Hardcore Holly. Now with DiBiase and Rhodes as Tag Team Champs, what’s next? No doubt it will be PRICELESS.


Finally, tonight we will hear an update on Vince McMahon’s condition. Last we on RAW, we saw the stage fall on him. The Million Dollar Giveaway has been suspended for the time being. What will the McMahon family have to say about Vince’s condition?


All this and so much more! It’s a night of New Beginnings. Tune in tonight at 9 pm ET on The USA Network or The Score.    



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