MMA Twitter Beat: Strikeforce Miami

Ken FossAnalyst IJanuary 31, 2010

I happened to jump on twitter while "watching" the live stream of the Riggs vs. Hieron bout. As it turned out I wasn't even close to alone.

I started having dialog on twitter with the group of people I follow and who follow me. Then they began posting their own opinions. We had such good banter back and forth, it gave me an idea.

This is a radical idea mind you, to show tweets in the progression of how the event went down, some things fall through the cracks, and the twitterverse misses nothing.

I'm but the medium channeling it's infinite insanity into a story of how the event happened and all of its many talking points.

A little twitter for dummies. @ is either address, or at, # denote the start of a message or a topic you want twitter to track. RT stands for re-tweet, it's an easy, one-click way to get your followers up to speed with something important tweeted by someone else.



Hieron vs. Riggs

@ESpencerKyte wrote # Great start, Strikeforce... EASports MMA is working about as well as a chocolate tea pot.

@kfoss1 wrote # @ESpencerKyte LOL, who didn't see this coming when they announced it? 


@ESpencerKyte wrote # @kfoss1 Surely many did, but if you're going to do it, make sure it works.

@kfoss1 wrote # @ESpencerKyte The MMA gods hate Jay Hieron, of this much I'm now certain.


@ESpencerKyte wrote # @kfoss1 Yeah - this is brutal for Jay tonight, but potentially an "enough of this s@*t moment" for his next fight negotiation


@5ozsofpain wrote # The Internet takes Round 1  10-7  over the Silverlight Player.  No Offense from the stream.  The server is taking a beating.

@kfoss1 wrote # No excuse, They knew this card would generate 350k-500k views and at least half of them would flock to see the Heiron fight.


@ESpencerKyte wrote # I tapped to the EASports Stream.

@kfoss1 wrote # EA MMA defeats Ken Foss via Submission(stupidity) at 27:00 of Round 1.


@fireballkidmma(Shawn Smith) wrote # @ESpencerKyte yeah this is BS! I guess we should have known it wouldn't work though.


@ESpencerKyte wrote # @fireballkidmma maybe, but if they planned on this, they should have been ready... jay hieron is cursed to never be on TV


@kfoss1 wrote # @NateLawson This encapsulates every problem I have with Strikeforce. It's like they've never heard of advanced planning.


@NateLawson wrote # @kfoss1 yeah. I know it's just one fight. But this is a terrible way to start the night, especially after how much they hyped the EA stream


@kfoss1 wrote # @NateLawson It's not just this, stream issues are common. It's the lack of planning, fly-by-night structure they still use, it's unacceptable.


@NateLawson wrote # @kfoss1 I agree...this may seem like a small mishap, but they gotta get this kind of thing done right.


@kfoss1 wrote # RT @DerekMMAWriter: #Strikeforce #MMA - Jay Hieron def. Joe Riggs via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)




Lashley vs. Sims


@kfoss1 wrote # Sims doesn't look that out of shape considering he hasn't had a training camp.


@SI_ JoshGross wrote # Over/Under 90 seconds on Lashley-Sims?


@kfoss1 wrote # Why are the MMA elitist's so upset at this fight? Sims is a good vet, Lashley will win, but its not that bad of a matchup.


@SI_ JoshGross wrote # Clearly Sims' grab-his-own-leg guard thwarted a sub-90 sec. finish. Waste of a fight. Lashley better get someone w/a pulse next time.


@SI_ JoshGross wrote # FYI, Sims made $30,000 for that.


@NateLawson wrote # @SI_JoshGross better to get KO'd for 30 grand than choked out by Justin Wren for nothing




Manhoef vs. Lawler


@ESpencerKyte wrote # lawler/manhoef before walker/nagy... hilarious.


@kfoss1 wrote # @ESpencerKyte they want to keep the Tony Kornhieser's on Showtime as long as possible.


@ESpencerKyte wrote # The Dutch Mike Tyson? Really Frank?


@kfoss1 wrote # Melvin I miss your Gladiator shorts.


@jordanbreen wrote # Lawler's major problem is that he's not a one-punch guy, and his best work comes inside. Destroys his own reach advantage.


@NateLawson wrote # Manhoef is an animal. Lawler would be out of his mind to stand with him.


@kfoss1 wrote # Manhoef is looking for a shot from Lawler, interesting.


@boswald28(Brian Oswald) wrote # Manhoef is tearing Lawlor apart with some vicious leg kicks! Lawlor just cracked Manhoef and Manhoef is out cold!!!


@NateLawson wrote # Wow, what a crazy comeback!


@jordanbreen wrote # What violence. I am aroused.


@kfoss1 wrote # I'm still trying to figure out how Lawler was able to turn on that right hand with the bad wheel.


@jordanbreen wrote # Also, I love that the most dramatic win of the night so far belongs to the guy who wants to bolt for the UFC.


@theblairbutler wrote # That Robbie Lawler fight had quite the twist ending -- it's like the Sixth Sense: turns out, the other guy was unconscious the whole time...




Walker vs. Nagy


@kfoss1 wrote # I get the location choice now, they were putting Hershel on this card because traditional media would be in Miami for the SB.


@mayhemmiller wrote # I got Herschel, by Superbowl Shuffle.


@kfoss1 wrote # I think they're making a mistake here. the fans will leave after Herschel fight ends, further jobbing it's women's division.


@kfoss1 wrote # This is going to be really ugly viewing folks.


@kfoss1 wrote # Nagy's intro maybe the saddest introduction I've ever witnessed.


@NateLawson wrote # Nagy and Walker are essentially the same size. Only difference....Walker is one of the most incredible athletes in all of sports


@boswald28(Brian Oswald) wrote # Herschel Walker has some swagger! And takedown defense :)


@3mmamay (Emma May) wrote # This is like an honorary amateur match, awe.


@kfoss1 wrote # Nagy isn't good enough to roll for the kneebar.


@boswald28(Brian Oswald) wrote # Herschel Walker wins his first round of MMA. Georges St. Pierre enjoying the fight cageside.


@ KCBandit (Jason High) wrote # GSP is there?! Did Dana clear that?


@jordanbreen wrote # Remind me again why Walker has any more "potential" than Francisco Navarro, who also dominated this space-filler? Seriously. Stop.


@jordanbreen wrote # Herschel, please stop going for wrist control, and just punch this helpless man.


@jordanbreen wrote # FLURRY, HERSCHEL. PLEASE.


@kfoss1 wrote # Herschel Walker defeats Greg Nagy via Referee Stoppage(sympathy) R3


@ KCBandit (Jason High) wrote # Stoppage by punches to the shoulder, lol. Good appearance by Herschel Walker. What's next tho?


@jordanbreen wrote # Why isn't Troy Waugh that lenient in relevant MMA fights? I think Matt Grice just had an aneurysm


@ESpencerKyte wrote # How that was on the main card and Jay Hieron was on a crappy stream is ... gimme a word...


@ KCBandit (Jason High) wrote # Class act Hershel Walker. I read somewhere that you should always thank your opponent first for giving you an opportunity to compete.


@ESpencerKyte wrote # @ KCBandit agreed.


@ESpencerKyte wrote # Worst part: Walker's win will be the biggest story in the media tomorrow...


@kfoss1 wrote # @ESpencerKyte Yeah, the good news is they have no idea what they're talking about so it'll be mostly good press.


@ESpencerKyte wrote # @kfoss1 agreed, but c'mon... that was junk. a nice story, but junk.


@MMANation (Luke Thomas) wrote # I'm rather baffled by response to Walker's fight. This is why I suggest attending local MMA. Go see what pro debuts look like.



Cyborg vs. Coenen


@jordanbreen wrote # Speaking of ineffective grappling, hopefully Cyborg doesn't reprise her ADCC performance here.


@NateLawson wrote # who's going underdog in this one. I feel that a Coenen submission fits the bill pretty well.


@kfoss1 wrote # @NateLawson Coenen's physical frailty worries me tremendously but I have her pulling the upset, Erica Paes style.


@3mmamay (Emma May) wrote # “When this is over [her] mom will be crying!” - Cyborg in video piece. #strikeforce


@NateLawson wrote # @kfoss1 I agree. I think she might shock everyone in this one.


@kfoss1 wrote # If Coenen gets caught I could look like an idiot though.


@3mmamay (Emma May) wrote # I will be surprised and excited if this bout goes past the first round. #strikeforce


@ESpencerKyte wrote # Cyborg via cyborg-style smashing!


@ESpencerKyte wrote # Am I the only one who is amazed that Cyborg is only 24? She looked like a 30-year-old Jersey Shore douche coming to the cage...


@kfoss1 wrote # @ESpencerKyte I have to do a double take every time I see it.


@kfoss1 wrote # She's going to have to go for something other than her favorite armbar though.


@kfoss1 wrote # This is where Coenen is at her worst she works from the clinch ONLY!


@jordanbreen wrote # I love how Cyborg's first punch is always mechanically proper, and the ones that follow are complete helicopters.


@kfoss1 wrote # 10-9 Cyborg.


@kfoss1 wrote # Coenen's trying to set up a triangle.


@kfoss1 wrote # Coenen's not going to win on the cards. She's the female version of Donald Cerrone, she's willing to fight off her back, judges hate that.


@kfoss1 wrote # Cyborg's jiu-jitsu has come a long way, she's not passing at all but Coenen can't find a sub.


@kfoss1 wrote # Nobody has ever questioned Cyborg's cardio, stop it you two.


@3mmamay (Emma May) wrote # Everyone talking about Coenen wearing Cyborg out can stop. If anyone is tired right now, it's Coenen. Tired and very hurty.


@kfoss1 wrote # 20-18 Cyborg, but good on Coenen for still being in this - things can change the later we go.


@ESpencerKyte wrote # Cyborg is a monster! Tagged with a big right and doesn't flinch!


@kfoss1 wrote # Cyborg's chin is made of iron, no women can stop her on the feet.


@3mmamay (Emma May) wrote # Another bad stoppage. Sigh.


@jordanbreen wrote # Workmanlike and methodical beating for Cyborg. Easily the most mature performance of his career. Very nice.


@3mmamay (Emma May) wrote # @jordanbreen Boooooooo!


@jordanbreen wrote # HER career. HER. I'm not that clever. Ahem


@kidnamedtony (Tony Loiseleur) wrote # God Mauro, wtf? RT @jordanbreen Cris Cyborg, best P4P on the planet! Just no one tell Fujii, Tsuji, Larosa, Miku or any of those girls.


@kfoss1 wrote # @kidnamedtony To be fair, only Fujii has a right to cry foul.




Diaz vs. Zaromskis


@NateLawson wrote # I am extremely excited for this fight. Diaz is a personal favorite.


@kfoss1 wrote # This could be as violent as Lawler vs. Manhoef was.


@jordanbreen wrote # Whenever I see Zaromskis, I always just think "I wish my friend Remigijus was here."


@kfoss1 wrote # I feel sorry for Nick Diaz if he really likes the original Street Fighter.


@3mmamay (Emma May) wrote # My girl @Dantomato thinks Nick Diaz looks like a goat and I tend to agree.


@jordanbreen wrote # Violence, gentlemen.


@kfoss1 wrote # "Yo Nick he's crazy, GO $#$# HIM! Let's go" ... I think that's the most unfortunate quote I've posted.


@kfoss1 wrote # Quidros, you think... Nick Diaz... gameplan. Nah, I don't believe it.


@kfoss1 wrote # Zaromskis is a LW.


@jordanbreen wrote # Rib roasters. Always.


@kfoss1 wrote # I annotate thee Troy "Stopa" Waugh.


@ESpencerKyte wrote # Where does Nick Diaz rank overall at WW?


@kfoss1 wrote # @ESpencerKyte top-5 WW, top-50 P4P.


Odds and Ends

Marloes Coenen was a top 5 trending topic in the United States for a large majority of the evening, which warmed my heart.

In future pieces I'd like to include your tweets, but how would I know you exist unless you sign up and follow me. My twitter address is @kfoss1, anything derogatory to myself or other people will also not be included, salient MMA talk only.

Some of the tweets appear slightly out of order, to put them in better context with the situation.

Fixed obvious spelling errors.(except for one glaringly funny one) Also added topic clues to put some tweets in better clarity out of context.

I'm still young on Twitter, so I'm definitely going to add more fighters to try and give you more of their prospective in the future.

Jason High was pulled over (probably for twitter driving) thought he was racially profiled then was let go without a ticket. True story.

He's a twittering fool, real fan friendly, I'd add him if you haven't already. Unfortunately he was still mounted more times than Jenna Haze.

Oh and everybody feels sorry for Jay Hieron.

Feedback always welcome.


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