TNA Impact React Volume Three

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IJanuary 31, 2010

Welcome to the third edition of "Impact React", your weekly hub for all the news and rumors in TNA. It was a busy week this week concerning rumors.

TNA was on a tour of the United Kingdom this week which saw a surprising title change. Congratulations go to Rob Terry in capturing the TNA Global Championship.

I wasn't able to catch iMPACT this week as I was pretty busy. However I read the results and I didn't miss much. Apparently though it was the highest rated iMPACT ever on Thursday nights. I guess TNA is doing something right then.

Let's jump into things and get started!

More "Legends"?

There have been a lot of rumors circulating about veteran talent wanting in on TNA right now. I've heard names like Sid Vicious, RVD, DDP, and Honky Tonk Man and I'm sure there are more out there.

With TV time being so precious, it would be an awful idea to keep inflating an already stretched roster. TNA has quite a few wrestlers that don't get much if any air time. 

Do we really need people like Honky Tonk and DDP who are far beyond their prime? What could they possibly offer to TNA outside of a reunion with friends in the business?

One could make an argument for RVD as he can still wrestle, but what's the point. He doesn't want to return full time and probably wouldn't give much effort in the ring.

The only guy I would bring in, and this is going to sound crazy, is Sid Vicious. Why? Sid is big and has credibility. It doesn't matter if he can still wrestle as long as he can deliver a powerbomb and maybe a big boot.

My reason for this is that he could become AJ Styles' personal bodyguard. With AJ affiliated with Flair in his new cocky persona, why not give him a bodyguard? It works storyline wise and TNA would get one more "legend" to be a part of their company.

No Travel for TNA?

A rumor going around is that Bischoff and Hogan want to limit PPV's to the Impact Zone in Orlando with the exceptions of Bound for Glory and Slammiversary.

TNA historically has not sold well when they leave the comfort of their home base. Last year's Bound for Glory had reportedly horrible attendance with TNA shuffling fans to one side so they could fill the seats on the hard camera's view.

While TNA does need to branch out eventually, maybe it's not a bad idea to keep PPV's confined to just a few select locations for the time being. Actually I would have TNA do a PPV from England.

Yes it would have to be on tape delay allowing fans to go online and look up results which could lessen the buy rate.

However, it seems that TNA has a pretty damn strong fan base over in the U.K. Probably couldn't hurt to test the waters. If a PPV is too much, why not try out an iMPACT taping instead?

Going Live

It seems like our next live Monday night iMPACT will be on March 1. Some are reporting that this is the official kickoff to a permanent slot on Monday nights for TNA.

The idea being that iMPACT is taped Monday and Tuesday like normal with the Monday taping going live and the Tuesday taping to air on the following Monday.

My opinion on this is that it's too soon. You can't legitimately compete with the WWE every week. If SPIKE was impressed with the numbers done on the Jan. 4 broadcast, they must realize that it was due to all of the twists and surprises surrounding Hulk Hogan's debut.

Someone like Hulk doesn't debut every week. What will they do when TNA just settles into a nice even pace? Not every week can be a full out, one-of-a-kind show.

Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan however, denied the rumors of TNA going live on March 1 during an appearance on the Bubba The Love Sponge Show on Friday.

We're Talkin' Bout Clothes?

Yes this is odd in a pro wrestling column but hey it's part of it all. What exactly is the deal with Desmond Wolfe's new space pants? He looks like he raided 1970's David Bowie's closet.

Not to mention the horribly generic Times New Roman-like "WOLFE" across the rear. I mean seriously man, if you're going to wear something that outlandish, spring for the fancier script for your name.

Another thing that bugs me is Hernandez wrestling while wearing a t-shirt. It makes the product look less professional. It's not like he's some overweight indy guy or Brian Knobbs.

TNA should really enforce something so that the wrestlers themselves look equally as professional as the WWE wrestlers.

Wrestling Tick-Tock

So one of the things I heard a lot over the past week was the incredibly small time on iMPACT actually devoted to in ring wrestling.

It was something like 17 minutes, which yes is a small amount of time for a two hour show. However, I think some fans are getting a little too carried away with this number.

You have to take certain things into account like commercial breaks plus any TNA advertisements that aren't a local or national commercial.

Also, this is TV, not a PPV or an indy show. You aren't going to get two solid hours of wrestling. Not even close. TV is used to build PPV's, that's where the wrestling should be.

If you give away your matches on TV, then who is going to order the PPV to see them? Not to mention you have all of your angles and storyline stuff. TV is where you have your interviews and backstage stuff, to give the wrestlers character and get the fans involved with them.

While 17 minutes is pretty low, it's not the worst I've ever heard. I believe back in the Attitude era of the WWF, the RAW's would get pretty light on the actual wrestling.

That's all for this week everyone. Make sure you check back next weekend for another edition of Impact React. Have a great week!