MLB Top 30 Prospects: Not One NY Met Listed

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ANAHEIM, CA - JUNE 17:  New York Mets general manager Omar Minaya addresses the media at a press conference called to name Jerry Manuel as the interim manager at Angel Stadium on June 17, 2008 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
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This past week, the MLB network provided their list of prospects who they determine to be the best of the best.

It was nice to see that the Nationals and Pirates were well-represented on the list. Perhaps, this is sign of good things to come for the two struggling franchises.

The Red Sox, Rays, and Braves were also represented. This is a sign that the good times will continue to roll for these franchises.

Heck, even the Yankees had a player listed.

But not one NY Met made the list.

Not having one prospect on the list describes the lack of impact players the Mets have drafted under GM Omar Minaya. It shows the lack of scouting, which was suppose to be a strength of Minaya and his former goon Tony Bernarzard.

Not having a player on the list sums up the Omar Minaya era in New York.

Lets take a look at the players drafted since Minaya's first draft in 2005.



Only four players have reached the majors out of the 48 players selected.

Top First Round Players Available: Andrew McCutchen, Jacoby Ellsbury, Matt Garza, and Jay Bruce

Round One (Mike Pelfrey)

Pelfrey was taken ninth overall and quickly moved through the minors, starting four games in 2006. After having a solid season in '08, in which he won 13 games and had an ERA of 3.72, Pelfrey took two steps back and finished with an ERA over five runs.

Pelfrey has not been able to develop a strikeout pitch and has K/BB of less than two.

There's still hope that he will be a solid No. 3 going forward but will not be the ace which was initially envisioned by the scouts.

Round Seven (Jonathon Niese) 

There's hope that this young southpaw will progress this year. At the age of 23, Niese will probably begin this season in the minors but should have a chance to show his improvement some point during the year.

Round Nine (Bobby Parnell)

Parnell looked like the apparent heir to the closing job, with his triple-digit fastball, and was light outs as the setup man in the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, the league was able to adjust, as the season rolled forward, and Bobby became erratic (4.7 BB/9).

At the age of 25, the Mets are hopeful that Parnell's control is discovered and his changeup improves to keep and dominate in the setup role. 

Round 13 (Josh Tholes)

The Mets' catching spot is up for grabs this season and some hope that this offensive minded catcher hits enough to change the team's desire to obtain a backstop.



Only four players have reached the majors out of the 49 players selected. The Mets lost their first-round pick due to the Billy Wagner signing.

Top Second round Players Available: Trevor Cahill and Justin Masterson

Round Two (Kevin Mulvey)

Mulvey was included in the Santana deal and is no longer with the Twins. Mulvey was traded to the Diamondbacks for Jon Rauch. At the age of 25, this may be the last shot for Mulvey to make an impact.

Round Three (Joe Smith)

Smith had initial success and became popular with the Met fans during his two-year stint.

Unfortunately, Smith was included in the trade which brought in JJ Putz prior to the '09 season.

Round 13 (Daniel Murphy)

The Mets have bounced Murphy around the diamond, in order, to keep his bat in the lineup. After a tough experience in the outfield, first base will be Murphy's spot coming into the new season.

Murphy belongs at second base, but another Minaya mistake is currently manning that position. So until the Mets are able to move Castillo, Murphy will man first and probably bat seventh.

Round 16 (Tobi Stoner)

Stoner has nine major league innings under his belt. So far Stoner has been solid in the minors but the Mets don't project him to be more than a No. 5 or a long reliever.



One player has reached the majors. The Mets lost their No. 1 pick again due to the Moise Alou signing.

Supplementary Pick (Eddie Kunz)

Kunz will probably get more work this year coming out of the bullpen, with the eye for Eddie to become a fixture next season.

There's hope that the 2008 first-round picks (Ike Davis, Brad Holt, and Reese Havens) will become impact players that the Mets have failed to draft dating back to Jose Reyes and David Wright. Hopefully, one or all three will be included in next year's list.

It's apparent that a high payroll is not the true fix but only a bandage which is hiding the wound.

The wound, in this case, is poor scouting, that only drafted eight major league players out of nearly 100 picks in '05 and '06. The eight major league players drafted are back of the end pitchers, middle relievers, and bottom-of-the-lineup type hitters.

The time is now to have a changing of the guards and get another GM to begin planting the seeds for 2011. It's apparent that the upcoming season will be a year to evaluate the current roster.

This is what the fans want. 



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