Baltimore Orioles' Sunday Curse

Lawrence BarrecaAnalyst IJune 29, 2008

On the first Sunday of the Baltimore Orioles' season, April 6, the Seattle Mariners were winning by two runs going into the bottom of the ninth.  The Orioles had one opportunity left in the bottom of the inning to win the four-game series.

Nick Markakis would lead off the inning with a double off Eric O'Flaherty.  He would then come around to score on a pair of groundouts.  With the M's needing only one out for the victory, Luke Scott kept the O's alive.

He would single, knocking O'Flaherty out of the game as the Mariners brought in Mark Lowe.  Jay Payton would then single, moving Scott over to third.  One wild pitch later the game was tied.  Hernandez would walk.

Then Dave Trembley had a decision to make.  Stick with the young switch hitter Luis Hernandez, or pinch hit.  Hernandez it was.

Luis would then rope a line drive into the right-center field gap, and the O's had come back to win the game in dramatic fashion.

That game was the last Sunday game that the Orioles have won this season. 

Here are the rest of the Sunday final scores so far this season:

  • April 13—Tampa Bay wins 6-2 in Tampa
  • April 20—New York Yankees win 7-1 in Baltimore
  • April 27—Chicago White Sox win 6-1 in Chicago
  • May 4—Los Angeles Angels win 6-5 in Los Angeles
  • May 11—Kansas City wins 4-0 in Kansas City
  • May 18—Washington wins 2-1 in Baltimore
  • May 25—Tampa Bay wins 5-4 in Tampa
  • June 1—Boston wins 9-4 in Baltimore
  • June 8—Toronto wins 5-4 in Toronto
  • June 15—Pittsburgh wins 5-4 in Baltimore
  • June 22—Milwaukee wins 7-3 in Milwaukee
  • June 29—Washington wins 3-2 in Washington

The latest game against Washington has been one of the hardest to swallow.  With two outs, Dmitri Young on first base, and Ronnie Belliard at the plate, the Orioles thought they would finally end the Sunday Curse. 

That was, until Belliard hit a 1-2 hanging slider over the left-field wall for a two-run walk-off win for the Nats.

Some fans say that the pitch just before the home run should have been called a strike to end the ballgame.  I was not there to see it, therefore I cannot give my opinion about this.

But now the real question.  Why do the Orioles always seem to lose on Sundays?

Here's what I think. Most Sunday games for the O's have been on the road.  In fact, eight out of the 12 Sunday games have been away from Camden Yards.  The Orioles' away record is 19-26, but then again this is mainly due to the Sunday losses.

Honestly, I have no idea why the O's can't pull off a Sabbath Day game.  Is it bad luck, or just coincidence?  Twelve Sundays ago, the O's were flying high on the Lord's Day.

Maybe all us O's fans just need to pray a little harder.