NFL Draft 2010: New York Giants' Early Draft Prospects 1.0

Jeff Shull@Jeff_ShullAnalyst IJanuary 29, 2010

AUBURN, AL - NOVEMBER 27:  Terrence Cody #62 of the Alabama Crimson Tide walks onto the field to face the Auburn Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium on November 27, 2009 in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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In an effort to shed some light on several possible draft prospects and take a look inside what Jerry Reese and Co. might be thinking, myself, Robert Domaine, and Craig Santucci have each chosen three prospects that the team might select with their first or second round selection.

I thought of this several different ways, but I ultimately just decided to go with what I feel Jerry Reese will be thinking on draft day.

It's easy to see what the team needs and base my selections off of that, but I also am aware of the fact that Reese likes to bolster the interior lines.

That being said, here are my three choices.


Terrence Cody, Alabama DT (6'5", 365 lbs)

If you need to hear something about Terrence Cody to think he will make a difference, hear this: Many believe Cody is the biggest player to ever put on a Crimson Tide uniform.

Maybe it's just me, but the prospect of him eating up blocks for Perry Fewell next year gets me fired up.

It is easy to say that the Giants need to get a safety first, but a strong defensive line is always a quick cure to a below average secondary.

His strengths are obvious. He is a monster in the middle and will always take blockers away from other guys. Georgia Coach Mark Richt said of Cody:

"No one's blocked him. No one man has blocked him, and I haven't seen many double-teams block him, either. He's a problem, and probably the reason they are so outstanding against the rush. When you talk about guys who can push a pocket back in front of a quarterback, he can do it."

The last comment is of great importance. The Giants had zero pass rush up the middle this season, and Cody will be a quick fix to that. I know it happened, but I really cannot think of a game that the Giants had a consistent pass rush from the DT position.

While he may not have the sacks to prove it, he still indirectly affects the pass rush by allowing a guy like Chris Canty to go one-on-one with his guy, and push the pocket up the middle

Something that is problematic is the news that broke during Monday's Senior Bowl weigh-in that Cody was over 370. His weight needs to come down to avoid conditioning problems. He already has to take plays off here and there, but it would be even worse if he doesn't drop some weight. 

Obviously the Jints have a glaring need at middle linebacker and safety, but I don't think that has to be addressed in Round One.

The only way this would change is if Rolando McClain somehow miraculously slipped to No. 15.


Brian Price, DT UCLA (6'2", 300 lbs)

If Price is still on the board, then I would like to see the Giants take him over Cody. Cody is a great player, but teams really see him in a 3-4 format, which is something I failed to mention earlier.

Price is a very athletic inside technique and had a monster Junior year for the Bruins. His most impressive stats were his 23.5 tackles for loss and seven sacks.

Seven sacks from the inside is pretty impressive, especially in only 13 games.

Price has several strengths that make me think he will be a special player in the NFL. He never takes plays off, has tremendous play recognition, has a very quick first step, and has very powerful hands that don't let offensive lineman get their hands inside.

He will play very much like Justin Tuck did when he would come in on third downs during the 2007 season, but will be there every down and can also stop the run.

People have compared his style like that of Warren Sapp. Anyone else get goosebumps after reading that?

One weakness is that he won't get any bigger, and he can sometimes be dominated by much heavier lineman. He also can get frustrated when teams run right at him.

This isn't much of an issue, however, as it didn't really happen that often. It is something that the coaching staff should be aware of, however, if they end up drafting him.


Anthony Davis, OT Rutgers (6'6", 325 lbs)

This is something that most people expect to happen at some point in the draft; the Giants will find another offensive tackle so they can put David Diehl back at his natural position, which is guard.

Rich Seubert has proven to be injury prone, so if the Giants can get a top 15 prospect at tackle and then move a proven guard inside, it will be killing two birds with one stone.

Even if they aren't ready to pull the plug on Seubert, they can still mold Davis into a great starting player. That being said, if you're a top 15 pick you're bound to start at some point your rookie season.

Davis is a power run blocker with great athleticism. His talent should translate to the NFL, where speed rushers are a dime a dozen.

Diehl and Kareem Mackenzie each had problems with these type of rushers, as they are both reaching the shelf life at the position. They are both relatively young, but they have played almost every game the last four years.

I know people will be thinking defense, but you can get some extremely talented players in the second or third round. I would not be upset if the Giants got one of the top three tackle prospects.


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