Should Brett Favre Walk into the Sunset?

Tuviere AkpogheneContributor IJanuary 28, 2010

There’s been so much talk about Brett Favre’s performance in the Superdome and just like everything else that has to do with Favre opinions are split right down the middle.

Some want him to quit and ride into the sunset saying the Favre experiment was a failure, while others want him to come back and believe with him the Vikings can win the Super Bowl in Jerry World 2011.

I pretty much understand the anger and disappointed towards the Vikings' season's conclusion in the NFC Championship against a team they were clearly better than and like I said In my articleThe Vikings handed the Saints an NFC Championships and a road map to the Super Bowl: “The Vikings played their second worst game of the season (with the worst being the Dec. 6th 30-17 loss to the Cardinals) and the Saints played an almost perfect game and won by a field goal in overtime at home.” Click here to read more.

Brett Favre’s last two interceptions might have ended the Vikings' season, but it was not the reason they lost the game against the Saints. The Vikings collectively pulled themselves into a black hole; from running backs inability to hold on to the ball to offensive line's failure to protect Favre and Brad Childress having 12 guys on the field at a crucial time in the game.

All these and more are the reason’s Favre had those two INT’s.

Favre was the best Viking on the field all season long and was the best Viking on the field in the championship game.

Halfway through the season I said the Vikings would beat Manning (Peyton) in the Super Bowl and thanks to the lucky Saints I was half right or half wrong, depends on your perspective.

I believe the Vikings can still win it all with Favre next year.

Relax guys, don’t scream yet.

What is the alternative? Go with Tarvaris Jackson? Trade for a quarterback in the draft? Try to sign Donovan McNabb (If the Eagles trade him, they should get their head examined. And he will be going to Arizona if said trade does happen. Sorry, I digress)?

Favre walked right into the locker room at the beginning of the season and it looked like he’d been playing for the Vikings the last 20 years.

Favre knows the system and, as we all saw this season, not only is he still very good, he is still an elite quarterback. Favre was arguably the third best quarterback this season behind Peyton Manning and Drew Brees and my choice for MVP ( OK, that don’t count:-))

The fact of the matter is: the Vikings are ready to win right now. These group of guys are going to be even more hungrier at the beginning of next season than they were coming into this season.

No quarterback is going to be as hungry as Brett Favre, who in my opinion still has a lot to prove.

If Favre’s last pass was a completion and they went ahead and lost the game anyway, I truly believe he would have retired. But with the way his season ended I believe he will not be calling any press conference any time soon.

Childress for now has the right attitude with regards to when Favre should make his decision. Favre in my opinion should be allowed to sit out for as long as it takes to recuperate and come back to play after training camp.

He will be 41 years old and I don’t think is wise to have him exhausted before the season even starts.

And for those of you curious about how long Favre might need to rest or if he’s even coming back, here’s what he had to say: “First off,” he said, “I’d like to put everyone’s mind at ease and say that I’ll be back for next season as the quarterback for the Vikings.”

“I can’t wait to put on the pads in summer camp again and get ready for next season, while I spend my time on my boat on the lake catching my family a mess of trout.”

“I hope next year that I can take us all the way to the Super Bowl….as I sit in my easy chair and spend much needed time with my family and let my body heal.”