What Happened To Vladimir Kozlov?

John PaprikaContributor IJanuary 27, 2010

I know readers will think I'm crazy for writing this article but I believe that this is something that should be discussed.

When Kozlov started out he was billed as an unstoppable and undefeated juggernaut. From his debut on SD he was ploughing through all opposition, albeit most were jobbers. After easily disposing of jobbers he moved on to feud with the likes of Triple H and Jeff Hardy. Week in week out he was humiliating these two top stars of the brand making each look week. It looked like he would be involved in the main event seen after squashing jeff hardy and the like in matches. He finally got his shot at Survivor Series but nothing eventuated from it with Edge winning the title as a late inclusion. After losing several matches but the wwe still calling him undefeated, his undefeated streak was finally ended by Shawn Michales. He would then job to the likes of Undertaker and Triple H as well. With things not looking promising, he was traded to ECW which I thought would rejuvenate his career.

After being drafted to ecw, he started by again ploughing through jobbers and local athletes. He then became a lackey along with jackson to regal who is a mid tier wrestler for the company. Then after this, he began to job to ecw guys like christian, shelton benjamin and ezekiel jackson, who are no where near as big as the Sd guys he was jobbing to. Now he has turned face and has been made into a joke with no future prospects in the company at this point.

How is it that a guy that started out be billed as an invincible machine who could destroy anyone in his path has become a jobber to wrestlers who are much smaller and not main event stars? I believe that this is due to bad booking and character development on the part of the wwe creative team. Here's my justification for this.

Firstly, he had been defeating jobbers for too long. It seemed like the level of opposition was mediocre at best and wasn't gradually improving as his streak progressed. The creative team then decided to rush him into the main event scene by feuding with hhh and hardy, without any impressive wins under his belt to justify being in a feud with the top 2 guys on SD at that point. It would've made more sense to have him beat a few jobbers at the start of the streak and then work his way to winning the US title and feuding with the mid card wrestlers such as kane and mvp, which would've made him look like a real threat for the title.

If it were up to me, I would've had kozlov start in ecw and have him start by beating the likes of dreamer and finlay then winning the title with relative ease from somebody like matt hardy which would've made him have a world title and beat some quality opponents in the process. He could've then said that he was bored of the level of comp in ecw and requested a trade to SD. He then jumps to SD and challenges the top guys who he feels he can easily squash like jeff hardy and hhh.

What are some thoughts on Kozlov if anyone really cares?