The Top Five wrestlers in the business today: #2 Kurt Angle

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IFebruary 16, 2017

KURT ANGLE. That's right my #2 pick for the The Top Five wrestlers in the business today is the " Olympic Gold Medalist" Kurt Angle. No one deserves it better. look at everything hes done in his career:

  • 4 time WWE Champion
  • 2 time TNA World Champion
  • Former European Champion
  •  X- Division Champion
  • TNA Tag Team Champion
  • 2 time Intercontinental Champion
  • World Heavyweight Champion
  • 2000 King of the Ring

The guy has done it ALL!! I was going to make John Cena my #2 pick but I though Kurt Angle was a much better candidate. John Cena is extremely talented, but when it comes to wrestling Kurt Angle is in a class of his own.

Kurt began his WWE career in the Fall of 1998. Angle would rise through the ranks in the WWE until he started turning heads in late 1999, eventually winning the Intercontinental and European Championship's simultaneously. That is before he lost both of them at Wrestlemania 2000. were Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit each walked out with one of Angle's titles.

Later that year Angle won the WWE Champion title, beating The Rock at No Mercy. Angle would lose the title back to The Rock at No Way Out the next year. Angle then went on to feud with Chris Benoit and having a fantastic match at WrestlmaniaX-Seven.  Angle would then form a short lived team with Steve Austin, but the two ended up turning on one another. The two faced off at Summerslam where Kurt regained the WWE Championship.  u unfortunately for him he would end up being a two time transitional champion when "Stone Cold" won the title back in October.

Angle would then go on to have notable feuds with rising star Edge [who caused him to lose his hair], and Hulk Hogan. He also became a grand slam champion when he and Benoit were crowned the first WWE Tag Team Champions. Angle was hunger for the WWE Championship and got a title match against The Big Show at Armageddon and won his 3rd WWE Championship. He would hold it for several months, even working with a bad neck.

He remained champion until Wrestlemaina XIX. Where Brock Lesnar defeated Kurt in what many call one of Angle's[and Lesnar's] finest match. After Wrestlemania Angle took some time off. He returned to Smackdown and won the WWE Championship for the last time at Vengeance in a triple threat match defeating The Big Show and long time rival Brock Lesnar. Of course Lesnar, not to be out down by anybody beat Kurt on Smackdown in a Iron Man Match 2 months later.

Angle would be in hot purist for the WWE Championship trough out 2003 and into 2004, eventually challenging Eddie Guerrero to a match at Wrestlemania XX. After losing to Eddie at Wrestlemania Kurt would find himself being chockslamed 15ft of the ground by "The Biggest Athlete in the World".

He would then return as Smackdown General Manager doing everything in his power to get the WWE Championship off " Latino Heat". He succeeded at The Great American Bash[Ironically enough]. Angle would keep busy with the Big Show for the rest of 2004 and in Early 2005 we were getting hints of an Kurt Angle/HBK match at Wrestlemania 21. The two put on one of the best matches of 2005 and even continued their fued when Angle was drafted to Raw in mid-2005. Angle went on to challenge John Cena for the WWE Championship. Angle would fight Cena tooth and nail for the remainder of 2005, but Angle never successfully won the title back.

After Batista relinquished the World Heavyweight Title on Smackdown, Teddy Long announced a Battle Royal to crown the new World Champion. Low and Behold the hometown boy shows up and eliminates everybody in sight [most of those people being Mark Henry]. Lol. Angle's first world title reign wouldn't last long. He held the title until Wrestlemania 22 where he lost it to Rey Mysterio. A very uneventful title reign with the exception of the five star match with Undertaker at No Way Out. After Mania Angle took a little time off to heal nagging injuries. He would return as part of Paul Hayman's ECW [more less Vince McMahon' ECW]. Angle would not do anything special during his time on ECW. Angle was released by WWE not long after, but he wouldn't be out for long.

Kurt Angle arrived in TNA in late October and didn't wast any time getting involved in the title scene. Angle started up a very personal feud with Smaoa Joe that would last for nearly 2 year!! Angle ahs done very well in TNA, at one point capturing every title at the same time.


Kurt will be remembered as the best technical wrestler pro wrestling has ever seen and has charisma too. Proof that you can be good at wrestling and on the mic. Kurt Angle has packed such a great career in just a 10 year period he could retire today and still be one of the greatest of all time.


Comment with your own "Top Five wretslers in the business today" list, thanks for reading :).