Don Nelson and Mark Cuban, Celebrity Death Match?

mark murrellCorrespondent IJune 28, 2008

The Boston Celtics played the best all-around game I have seen in a very long time, beating the Lakers, 131-92, falling short of the largest differential in a playoff of 42 (Bulls over Jazz). While destroying the Lakers is an amazing feeling, it was the celebration that encompassed what this season has meant for the Boston Celtics. YOUR THOUGHTS

It started with Paul Piece dumping Gatorade on Doc Rivers. When have you ever seen that? It was the crowded sidelines with still 2.5 minutes to go. It was Kevin Garnett embracing Bill Russel, expressing that he hoped Bill was proud of the team. It was Kevin Garnett (Hulu Video), Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen, the three kings of the court for the Celtics all reaching the pinnacle tonight. And then, each one of them humbled by the reality of reaching their childhood dreams, to be an NBA champion. Finally, it was Paul Pierce addressing the Boston fans after 10 years of battling for a championship, expressing his gratitude for being a Celtic and having the fans support him through the good and bad. All in all, this was the best championship celebration I have ever seen. YOUR THOUGHTS

On a final note, credit goes to Danny Ainge, the man who brought this team together. Amazing moves in the off-season set up the Celtics for tonight's win.

A special shout-out to Scott E (Ghost Poster and Commenter on - sorry bud, better luck next time...NOT! What do you have to say Scott?