ESPN Should Broadcast All MLB Teams (Part One)

Mike DiMauroSenior Writer IMarch 28, 2017

I know earlier this week I wrote an article about how ESPN should have the rights to broadcast games that local television broadcasts, and not to get blacked out anywhere or to have an alternate game for those areas effected.

I am now writing an article about how ESPN should air all of the MLB teams at least once during the season on Monday or Wednesday (Friday during September and not including Sundays).


Here's a list of the teams that I haven't seen broadcasted on ESPN:

Colorado Rockies: This team went to the World Series in 2007 and lost to the Red Sox. This team should be on ESPN and Fox's Saturday Baseball. How could you forget them ESPN!

San Diego Padres: Even though they lost to the Colorado Rockies in the one-game playoff, they are still a good team to watch.

Tampa Bay Rays: I would have to put them on this list in 2007, but since they are doing well this season and have a chance of going to the playoffs as a Wild Card or division winner, I can say it's safe to take them off of this list.

Toronto Blue Jays: ESPN does not air enough Blue Jays games! Even though the team is from Canada, they don't broadcast enough games. Keep in mind that TSN is partly owned by ESPN.

Baltimore Orioles: Though this team has not done well in the past few years, they have been involved in good games.

Washington Nationals: The USA's newest team, though they too have not done well in the past few years, they should be featured on ESPN.

Texas Rangers: They have a good team too!

Seattle Mariners: This was a dominate team in 2001, and you went ahead and abandon them ESPN. How could you?

Pittsburgh Pirates: They have not done well in recent years, but like the Orioles, they have been involved in good games.

Florida Marlins: 2003 World Series champions! How could you forget them!

Kansas City Royals: Not enough games, though you did pre schedule them against my Red Sox on Aug. 4.


Here's the teams that ESPN broadcast too much:

Boston Red Sox: Why does it look like ESPN always chooses this team? I know they are my favorite team, but I would like to watch them on ESPN, instead of having ESPNEWS on there. It seems like once a week, ESPN chooses this team!


I could add teams like the New York Yankees, New York Mets, Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A's, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Houston Astros on this list, but I have nothing to say about them.