Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. a Damaged Fighter?

Epie CatongcoContributor IJanuary 26, 2010

The fist of Super Floyd and Lidocaine-Xylocaine (injection).

I found this interesting article at by Williams from Canada dated 22 January 2010, 3:20 pm. I would like to share it with all the boxing fans to clear up the issue on painkillers Lidocaine and Xylocaine admittedly used by boxers like Floyd Mayweather Jr., Oscar De La Hoya, and Freddie Roach….. Yes, our good old Freddie also have admittedly used the banned substance when he was a boxer in his prime. Here it is: 

“Back in 2007 Floyd's use of xylocaine (or lidocaine) has been questioned by Hatton and was worried that USADA protocols does not test for xylocaine. That's why Floyd insists on USADA protocols-- it's not about the blood.  The issue here in Las Vegas has been whether or not lidocaine was permissible. The drug is not on the banned list of the World AntiDoping Agency (Wada), yet it has been ruled illegal by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), below whose authority the contest is being run. The Hattons’ concern was that, although NSAC bans the drug, if the urine samples that the boxers are obliged to give afterwards were sent to a Wada-accredited laboratory, then lidocaine might not be tested for. At the bout organisational meeting run by NSAC on Wednesday morning, Gareth Williams, Hatton’s lawyer, asked Keith Kizer, the NSAC executive director, if lidocaine would be tested for. “We’d every seen the stories about Mayweather’s hands and we had heard rumours that he uses lidocaine,” Williams said. “So we just wanted to make sure that they complied with the rules and that it would be tested for.” The request did not go down well with John Hornewer, Mayweather’s attorney. Williams said: “He responded by saying: ‘Well, what about grappling?’ I quite facetiously responded: ‘I didn’t think you could test for that.’” Kizer confirmed yesterday that lidocaine is banned for use by boxers within a week of a bout. “If lidocaine is injected,” he said, “the pain receptors in the boxer may not work and he may not know if he is hurt.” He also confirmed that lidocaine would be tested for after the bout, at the Quest Diagnostics laboratory in the city. Mayweather’s hand problems have been long documented but they resurfaced a fortnight ago in an edition of the 24/7 television documentary that showed the boxer having a wax paraffin treatment and quietly acknowledging the issue.  xylocaine is lidocaine:  Floyd is a known user of xylocaine. as he admits it himself.

(1:36) Jim Lampley, Emmy award-winning announcer: "Although on some states it is illegal, some fighters including Floyd have been known to inject numbing medicine into their hands just prior to a fight."

Floyd uses xylocaine, a banned substance by NSAC for fights in Nevada.  The WADA prohibited list allows the use of lidocaine or xylocaine (check it for yourself; look for xylocaine or lidocaine):  roach is not worried that Floyd uses xylocaine. roach does not think it's a PED. Roach used it himself after breaking his hand. He also says that he knows Roger uses it in every battle for Floyd since Roach used it himself. even, so I got your attention? LMAO."