John Calipari: College Basketball's Very Own Hypocrite

Bermuda BobAnalyst IIJanuary 25, 2010

LEXINGTON, KY - DECEMBER 29:  John Calipari the Head Coach of the Kentucky Wildcats gives instructions to his team during the game against the Hartford Hawks at Rupp Arena on December 29, 2009 in Lexington, Kentucky.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

There's a very good reason why the NCAA refers to college kids who play sports as "student-athletes"—it's because the kids accept a scholarship to matriculate (that infers that they will get an education) at a particular university, while they participate in the school's athletic program.  

This is the reason why recruits are held to what they call "academic eligibility."

The dirty little secret these days is that there are oh so many kids who are recruited NOT because they want to matriculate but because they want a stepping stone to the NBA. These kids are referred to as "one-and-done" because they have no interest in studies before they come, while they are enrolled, nor after they leave prematurely.

Now, it's one thing if the recruit hides his intentions from the recruiting coach, but it's an entirely different thing when a coach intentionally, purposely, and openly recruits these kids and then brags about it nationally!

John Calipari, or as I call him, "Cal-the-Lip", is such a coach. I have nicknamed him that because of all the people he has bamboozled, hoodwinked, and confabulated at every school he has been at, then left them one step ahead of NCAA recruiting violations which usually come with a forfeiture of a significantly noteworthy season!

In a recent Sports Illustrated interview, "Cal-the-Lip" openly reveals that he would counsel John Wall to leave Kentucky high-and-dry after only one year and go to the NBA.

Don't believe me? Check out the following link, which Chris Trapasso, another contributor to B/R provided:


So, is this "employee" of the University of Kentucky really perpetuating their mission statement? Well, you decide—here it is, directly from their web site:


The University of Kentucky is a public, research-extensive, land grant university dedicated to improving people's lives through excellence in teaching, research, health care, cultural enrichment, and economic development.

There is plenty more if you wish to check ... here's the link:

My point is simple: nowhere in that Mission Statement is there an exemption for John "Cal-the-Lip" Calipari to ignore it—therefore, he is indeed guilty, by his own admission, of disregarding the everything the University of Kentucky stands for AND encouraging his recruits to do so as well!

Hypocrisy incarnate!