Roger Mayweather Says Pacquiao Is On A-Side Meth

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Roger Mayweather Says Pacquiao Is On A-Side Meth
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Roger Mayweather is at it again.

On a radio show at Roger stated, yet again, that Manny Pacquiao is dirty. This time however he actually gave some specifics on what Pacquiao is on. He called it A-Side Meth.

Now I looked up A-Side Meth and couldn't find anything except more articles on Roger Mayweather talking about Pacquiao. I did however run into an interesting post over on Yahoo where someone looked into the Philippine-American war and they found out about a myth regarding bullets bouncing off of Philippine soldiers.

It wasn't a chemical but an amulet.

The myth centers around an amulet referred to as Agimat. It is believed to make whomever wears it bullet-proof.

A-Gi-Mat could have been misunderstood as A-Side-Meth.

A bit of a stretch but it is just enough of a match that it makes sense and, the way the older Mayweather's speak, I could definitely see a misunderstanding of that sort happening.

The website had some technical difficulties and doesn't have the entire show up and states that they don't have the entire show recorded but they will have what they have up soon.

Until then keep looking for that a-side meth!

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