Adrian Peterson: To Believe, or Not to Believe

BAnalyst IJune 27, 2008

Do you think Adrian Peterson can repeat his rookie season? Have you seen enough of him to think he can do it again? If so, how sure are you?

I think this guy can repeat his rookie season just as much as I think my refrigerator will talk to me and give me the weather. I am just simply not ready to believe in such an inexperienced player like him and still think he will be a sure fire standout.

I have not seen enough consistent play from him to think he can be a great RB.

He only achieved over 100 yards 6 times, and you think he can still be a great RB? I don't. Now, when he did get over 100 yards, he got 200 yards two of those times.

But, that's not enough.

To have 6 games over 100 yards, but 8 under 100 yards, and of the 8 times, your highest be 78 yards rushing, that isn't enough.

And, it's not like he didn't get carries; Only once did he not get 10 carries or more. I need to see a consistent year before I rely on Adrian Peterson. Also, it looks like defenses are actually starting to figure him out.

The last four weeks of the season, Peterson rushed for 3 yards on 14 carries, 78 yards on 20 carries, 27 yards on 9 carries, and 36 yards on 11 carries. All four of those times was less than 4 yards per carry average, and he only got a TD in one of those games, which was the 78 yards on 20 carries in which he got two TD's.

But, that's it.

Finally, Adrian Peterson does not have a flow to his running style that guys like Steven Jackson do. Peterson is more prone to injuries because of his running style as well.

He runs "straight up". That makes him more likely to get a hit to the knee and him go down awkwardly.

Also, he doesn't know how to get tackled. If you want to have a long career, you better know how to get tackled. Peterson just doesn't. Now, he can fix his running style, but, until I see him do it, and he becomes a more consistent RB, I will not rely on him, and I don't believe he can repeat his rookie season.

So, what is your opinion on this young and inexperienced running back? Either comment on this article or post an article of your own and notify me of it. I'm interested in your feedback.