This Year's Draft Proves That Kevin McHale Is an Idiot

Corey DonkersgoedCorrespondent IJune 27, 2008

    Kevin McHale, GM of the Minnesota Timberwolves, might have been on the up and up, finally, after drafting OJ Mayo with the 3rd pick in the 2008 draft.  That was, until, in true Kevin McHale fashion, he foolishly traded Mayo to the Grizzlies for Kevin Love.

    OJ Mayo was rated as one of the best guards to come out of college in recent years.  Apparently, McHale didn't get that message.  Granted, he dumped Walker, Buckner and Jaric, players that did nothing in Minnesota.  But low and behold wolves fans, we got two useless players in return in Collins and Cardinal.  Miller is decent, but he will never be the player that OJ Mayo will most likely turn out to be. 

    Kevin Love will most likely be thrown into the fire of playing power forward in the west and Jefferson will move to center.  Love relies on sheer power to get his points, a trait that won't do him any good in the NBA.  In the west, power forward is the name of the game, with such talents of Duncan, Stoudemire, Nowitzki, and others.  Love will be in a rude awakening when he tries to use his college strength in the NBA.  That, and the fact, he needs a lot of work to get into shape or he will get tossed around and be winded by halftime.

    OJ Mayo would have been a perfect fit in Minnesota.  Minnesota potentially could have had one of the most lethal backcourts they've had in a while with Mayo joining Randy Foye, who amidst injury, is a pretty good talent.  But instead, Foye will be joined by Mike Miller, whose only talent is shooting three's.  Miller is not a very good ball handler, and if he can't hit his three's, is useless.  Mayo would've brought a variety of talents that he could have used to exploit defenses.  He would get to the free-throw line, electrify the crowd with his play, and exert confidence and energy on his teammates.

    Granted, Love has his talents that will be beneficial.  But the question is:  Can Kevin Love co-exist with Al Jefferson?  They are both going to demand the ball in the low-block, and while Love may be considered the most fundamentally sound player to come out of college in recent years, can it transfer to the NBA?  Jefferson has proved he can handle the Western Conference with his size.  Love is undersized at 6'9" and will have a lot of work to do to get himself ready in the power conference of the west.

    It looks like the Wolves will be in the same position next year as they were this year.  Scrapping for maybe 20-25 wins and be in line for the top pick next year.  Thank you McHale for once again screwing the Wolves royally.