It's Time for Big Baby to Grow Up

Andrew PalumboSenior Analyst IJanuary 21, 2010

Glen "Big Baby" Davis has lived up to the moniker by which he is most commonly referred.

A handful of immature acts have begun to highlight a growing problem for the Boston Celtics organization.

First, there was his lack of self control in college that lead to his precipitous drop in the NBA draft due to weight issues.

Then came multiple seasons of foolish early fouls that would take the big power forward out of important games.

Although improvements were made and Davis' stock in Boston swiftly grew, it was clear he had not left his immature ways behind.

Even the most casual basketball fans were alerted to who Glen Davis was (if they didn't know already) when Kevin Garnett offered him constructive criticism during a timeout.

Yes, folks, we all know the story by now. The guy nicknamed "Big Baby" broke down in tears on national television for all of the world to see. You can't make this stuff up.

Glen Davis also missed the first part of the 2009-10 season after injuring himself while drunkenly fighting a friend just days before the Celtics' first game.  

If you thought that would be enough to change his behavior, you'd be wrong.

On Thursday, Big Baby received a fine of $25,000 for swearing at a taunting fan in Detroit on Wednesday night. The penalty was warranted as the obscenity was broadcast live over the air.

The behavior and lack of sound judgement on Glen Davis' behalf truly makes me wonder if he has what it takes to be an every day contributor on a championship contender.

Where does Boston draw the line?

Should Boston have opted to keep fan-favorite and glue guy Leon Powe despite the lengthy wait for his rehabilitation?

Should Big Baby be given a break?

The bottom line is that, at some point, the Boston Celtics organization is going to have to decide if Glen Davis' production is worth his baby act.