Comeback Driver Of 2010:Jamie McMurray

Misan AkuyaCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2010

Each year we have ourselves a comeback driver.  In 2008 it was Kasey Kahne after having a season with no wins, one top five, eight top tens, an average finish of 22.17 and finished 19th in points in 2007. 

In 2008 Kahne won 2 races plus the Allstar race, barely missed the chase finishing 14th in points with for top fives, 14 top tens, and an average finish of 18.06.

In 2009 it was Kurt Busch.  Busch finished 18th in points in 2008 with 1 win which was aided by fuel and rain, five top fives, 10 top tens, and an average 21.89. 

In 2009 Busch won 2 races, gained ten top fives, 21 top tens, an average finish of 12.81 and finished 4th in points.

Who's my pick to be the 2010 comeback driver?  Jamie McMurray.

McMurray went into to 2009 expecting the best season of his career.  But instead had one of if not the worst season of his career.

McMurray in 2009 had one win (which he did lead the laps laps in), five top tens, an average finish of 22.6 and finished 22nd in points.

He did out perform former teammate David Ragan who had no wins and no top fives, just two top ten finished and finished 27th in points (expect comparisons to both drivers this season).

But it wasn't enough for McMurray to stay at Roush which had to go from five to four cars and because Ragan had sponsorship from UPS and McMurray's Crown Royal sponsorship went to Matt Kenseth and the 17 car and Irwin Tools left that made McMurray the odd man out.

But McMurray was picked up by the man he dumped to go to Roush, Chip Ganassi. 

So now McMurray will now be racing the #1 car with Bass Pro shops sponsorship in 2010.

McMurray's numbers were better with Ganassi.  He won a race (he did win 2 races at Roush) had 19 top fives, 48 top tens, won the 2003 rookie of the year award and finished 13th, 11th, and 12th in points barely missing the chase in 2004 and 2005.

While this does not mean that he will experiance the same success but there is a big but.

Juan Pablo Montoya shined at Earnhardt Ganassi in 29009.  He did not win a race but he did make the chase and had two poles, seven top fives, 18 top tens , an average finish of 14.25 and finished 8th in points.  This bodes well for McMurray.

Earnhardt Ganassi is working hard making brand new racecars to bring to the track.  McMurray will be going to Daytona with 3 brand new racecars one for the Budweiser shootout, one as a primary for the 500 and a 3rd for backup car.

The 1 team will be going to the Walt Disney world race track to test some more brand new racecars they will will be racing at tracks like Auto Club and Las Vegas.

McMurray is in a good position to have a very solid season in 2010.  Reasonable goals would be to make the chase and win a couple of races. 

I do predict that Mcmurray will win two races in 2010 and make the chase for the Sprint cup.  If he misses it he finishes no worse than 15th.  If he makes it I can see him finishing as high as 4th and as low as 12th (which is as low as you can finish if you do make the chase) and give Earnhardt Ganassi two successful efforts.

McMurray is a driver who has the potitential and the talent.  Now he needs everything to fall in place including luck.  And 2010 could be the year it happens.