The Legends Of Tomorrow

Prthvir SolankiCorrespondent IJune 27, 2008

The era of Tendulkar, Ponting, Murali, Dravid, Ganguly, Pollock, Gilchrist and many many more is coming to an end. Seeing that list, one feels that this era has produced many players to be remembered and of course the second greatest batsman ever. But after these players retire, who is going to be the legend of the their time. I have quite a few names in mind and most of them come from India. Not only because i watch Indian cricket more than anything else but also because they have the most deserving players and they have shown their worth.

Lets start with Gautam Gambhir. Well, what can i say. He has been the best batsman for India in the last 12 months. Centuries against almost every team he has played in that short span of time.  Though, he has not started well in the Asia Cup, they will be at least two innings that will change the script of the match. He is one of those rare openers who can play the spinners almost better than the fast bowlers and can attack at any given time and can stay at the crease for a long time.

Another Indian is Suresh Raina who has just grabbed attention for his performance at the IPL and now the Asia Cup. He was selected to play for India back in 2006 but after having a fantastic start to his career, he just faded into oblivion. But he worked extremely hard and had a fantastic season in the Ranji Trophy and in 2008 got a call back for the CB series but did not play a game and had to prove himself again at the IPL and boy, did he. Got selected again in a very young Indian team and now has been the most impressive in the ongoing Asia Cup. If he continues, he can be remembered for a very very long time or maybe forever.

Okay, i'm still in India mode and Rohit Sharma has impressed many. His first appearance was in England where he did not perform but was lucky to get a place in the T20 team after The Big Three withdrew and from there there was no looking back. A fantastic tournament saw him being in the squad for the CB series where again he just played flawlessly and continued in IPL but unfortunately his team was the rotten one out of the pack. Though he hasn't shown his talent at the Kitply Cup and hasn't got a chance to in the Asia Cup, he does have a firm head on his shoulders.

Here is another Indian, Piyush Chawla. No one has been talking about him but for me he is the most impressive bowler at the moment. Picks up wickets regularly, but his economy rate has to be improved. He turns the ball a lot and should be an ideal successor to Anil Kumble.

Shaun Marsh. He was an unknown player but the name caused fear in the minds  of many players at the IPL. The 23 year old, yes 23 years old you don't see too many Aussies make their debuts so early, is the son of wicketkeeper great Geoff Marsh and obviously had cricket in his blood but the way he wacks the ball over the fence, he makes it look so easy. He is exactly what Australia needed. Young, excellent on the field, and an amazing batting technique, Everything straight out of the book. For me, he is undoubtedly going to be a legend.

He has been in in and out of the team but the IPL made Shane Watson a star around the World. Played a major role in getting the Rajhasthan Royals the cup by getting the man of the series. His injuries stopped his career midway but played brilliantly at domestic level and of course the IPL. Surely, he will be around for a while now.

The English were in desperate need of an opener after the decline of Andrew Strauss and Marcus Trescothick, Ian Bell came to the rescue. Elegant, classy and demolishing, he can really be a mainstay for the English along with KP.

He is fast, furious and reminds you a lot of Allan Donald. Dale Steyn is talented to the Earth's core. He has got 120 wickets in 23 tests and that does not tell the whole story. He gets it away from the right hander and makes even the best of batsman jump around in the crease. He recently got all four top awards in a South African cricket ceremony and why not? He is the best bowler in the World right now but what is surprising is that he has yet to impress at the One day level of cricket. He has the potential to be a legend and the first step to doing that is staying fit. Not many fast bowlers are staying fit and this is actually destroying their careers. Dale Steyn might be the complete opposite of Shaun Pollock, but he can be legendary like him.

Well these are the 8 players that really have the potential to be BIG. Many players might have missed the list but these are the first few names that come to my mind.