Euro 2008: Spain and Germany Top the Field in the Final

Gage ArnoldCorrespondent IJune 26, 2008

Well, it seems as if we've made it. The end of the road is here, and it almost makes me sad. No, I'm not talking about my Atlanta Braves' terrible pitching staff. This is about the Euro 2008 Final between Germany and Spain finally being set today.

Germany took care of business on Wednesday by escaping ever so slightly over everyone's favorite, the George Mason of it all, Turkey. In this case, the slipper didn't fit, as they were brought down 3-2 when German Phillip Lahm scored a sweeping goal over the Turkish keeper in the 90th minute.

Turkey's team had been ravaged by injuries and suspensions for the whole tournament, including the semifinal. Hold up, suspensions in soccer? And, in a huge tournament nonetheless, man seems as if some commisioners should be taking notice.

And yesterday, Spain and Russia set forth on what was supposed to be a very evenly matched and competitive game. Well, it ended up about the complete opposite, more like Hawaii-Georgia football this year. Spain just dominated the whole match and had a load of opportunities which led to the 3-0 shutout.

Russia just couldnt find anything—Spain's defense would shut down any attackers that got in and thwarted any attempts on goal. Spain, led by precise passing and smooth attacks, just outplayed the Russians. The one fault I did find with the Spanish were their jerseys. They were...well...they weren't good.

So, as you see we are set for a great battle for the title of Euro 2008 this Sunday. Germany is 4-1-0 in this tournament and looking for their first title since 1996, while Spain is an improbable 4-0-1 in the tournament, and an astounding 17-0-3 in their last 20 matches!

I smell greatness, and I can only hope it comes to the Spanish side. With David Villa, David Silva, Fernando Torres, and Xavi Hernandez all hitting full cylinders, I see Spain taking this home. We are set for a great matchup and an exciting match.