Not Going To Let The WWE Title Slither Away From Him

Bernice NoparatContributor IJanuary 20, 2010

 Not Going To Let   Back The  WWE  Title slither away from him



Once again  on 20 Jan 2010  Wednesday


I am back :


I know you alll are wondering Why did I call my  Randy  Orton Articles : I don't think  that  The Devious Viper  Orton is going to let his last chance to  win back the WWE Title slither away  from him at the Royal Rumble..


 Because  from the way  I see  it...Since  last  week The Utterly Devious, dangerous Viper Orton won the No1 contenter Triple Threat match.. and became the  offical No 1 contenter   to face Sheamus for the WWE Championship at The Royal Rumble...

But despite  of what  happen this week on WWE RAW, I  don't think  that because of one bicycle kick will effect  or hurt Orton alot.Thank  god, But  from my point  of view, I think. That Orton's punt to the skull is more 100% fatal, same thing go for his RKO,I really loved how the way  he slither towards his opponents like a utterly devious Russell  Viper...once  he realize that...the timing is right  that is when he will strike out towards his opponents before hitting them with a vicious, devious, utterly painful RKO that can really knock  them  completely out like a chisel.


So I think that Sheamus shouldn't try to underestimate that devious  Viper Orton.  , I think i don't think that  Orton is going  to let Sheamus get the last laugh at the Royal RumbleInstead  it  is going to be the other way  round.


But I got a utter good  feeling  that My devious Rolemodel The Viper Randy Orton is going to do anything it takes to defeat Sheamus  fair and square at the Royal Rumble and win back the WWE Title and once again that when that utterly devious, dangerous Viper Orton will slither out of the  Royal  Rumble 2010 once again as the WWE Champion....


That  is all I got to share  with you  all today...