Possible Mid-Season Scenario To Fix the Roughriders' Quarterbacking Problem

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer IJune 26, 2008

Ok, well this scenario is kind of a long shot, but it is definitely possible. The Roughriders look like they are going to have some problems this season with quarterbacking and just winning as a whole. But I have conjured up a possible scenario to solve their problems.

For it to happen, it will require a lot of luck on the behalf of the Riders.

First off, it will require former CFL Superstar Kenton Keith to get cut from the Indianapolis Colts. This may happen if you take into account his inability to hold on to the ball last year, but more importantly his trouble with the law down in the NFL. The Roughriders still have the rights to Kenton Keith therefore if he was cut he would come down and play with the Riders. One of the fastest players in the league when he played down here, with the muscle he put on in the States Keith would be near unstoppable.

Secondly, it would require injury prone Jesse Lumsden of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to come down with another injury that would end his season. Now, I don't want to wish injury on a player but it would, in my scenario help the Roughriders drive to success.

With the Roughriders now having two runningbacks, and the Tiger-Cats in need of one, a trade would be needed. Considering how good Keith would be, the Riders would no longer need runningback Wes Cates, therefore he is how the trade would go down.

To Hamilton: Wes Cates, Marcus Crandell or Stephen Jyles and 2 Second Round picks in 2009 and 2010

To Saskatchewan: Richie Williams, Terry Caulley and a 4th Round Pick

That is a trade I think both teams would accept and it would also benefit both teams now wouldn't it?

Last season with the Ti-Cats, Richie Williams started 2 games and completed 80 out of 130 passes for 852 yards, 6 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. He also carried the ball 32 times for 169 yards.

In my mind, he would be a step up from Marcus Crandell or anything the Riders have, maybe add a couple of draft picks to the Ti-Cats if they wouldn't accept that and there you go a good trade to benefit both teams and to help the Roughriders repeat for the title.