Will Undertaker Accept Shawn Michaels' Challenge for Match at WM26?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2010

On Smackdown, Undertaker promised to make a rare appearance on RAW and give his answer to Shawn Michaels' challenge to fight him at Wrestlemania26.

They fought last year at Wrestlemania26 and Shawn did his damndest to beat Taker; he came very close.

I don't think he can get into Undertaker's head like he did at WM25. The phenom did say that Michaels was his toughest opponent and very determined to win at any cost.

No one knows for sure if the dead man will accept this challenge. In my opinion, I think he will.

Rumors have it that both men are going to retire at WM26. Not sure how true that is, but it's possible. And if it is true, the Heavyweight belt would be up for grabs after this PPV event, the biggest event of the year

I, for one, would like to see a rematch between these two extraordinary superstars. If the challenge is accepted, Michaels has to remember that he isn't wrestling just any ol' athlete.

He has to remember that Taker is a phenom, the man from the pits of hell. Michaels is extraordinary as well. He has been controversial. He is unorthodox, does things his way.

Taker hasn't forgotten how close Shawn came to winning that belt at WM25. How close he came to beating the phenom.

Shawn is getting on in years and wants one more big hoorah before he retires, and this is it. He doesn't want to be forgotten, and he won't be.

Undertaker is unbeatable at WM, 17-0. He won't go down easy either. Both superstars stand to gain a lot. It's called prestige, power, and respect.

Michaels is the showstopper. Mr. Wrestlemania. He likes to steal the show and if he beats Taker he will be stealing the show and doing the impossible, breaking the Taker's streak at Wrestlemania.

The dead man knows what Shawn is and is not capable of doing, and vice versa. It will be one hell of a match and I wouldn't want to miss it.