Deal or No Deal: Phoenix Suns Draft 2008

Kew SkwaredCorrespondent IJune 26, 2008

The Phoenix Suns fans have not been particularly thrilled with the past few years of the NBA Draft. Since 2004, the Suns have not kept a single draft pick until just last year when the Suns chose Alando Tucker and Dj Strawberry.

Here's a recap of the Suns past few drafts picks:


Phoenix chose Luol Deng as their number seven pick in the draft, passing up on players such as Andre Iguodala, Josh Smith, and Al Jefferson. However, the Suns traded Deng to the Bulls for a future first round pick the next year.

I personally don't understand what the Suns management was thinking. Did they think the Bulls would land a number one pick anytime soon? (Ironically, the Bulls do land the first pick four years later, but that wasn't the pick the Suns had acquired.)


The Suns had the No. 21 pick in this year's draft. The Suns chose Nate Robinson when there were many other players left on the board, including: David Lee, Jarret Jack, and Linas Kleiza. Although none of these players had an immediate impact on their respective teams it would have been nice for the Suns to have some young talent on the end of the bench.

Too bad the Suns staff doesn't believe so; they traded away Quentin Richardson, who they just signed after the 2004 NBA Draft, and Nate Robinson for Kurt Thomas. I understand the Suns needed some size but they could have gotten some quality big men in the past two drafts such as Al Jefferson or David Lee.


Again the Suns grab the lucky No. 21 pick in the draft which they acquired from the Chicago Bulls in 2004. The Suns choose Rajan Rondo, a point guard out of Kentucky. I'm not a big college fan, but for some reason I believed the Suns got a steal out of the draft.

But of course, the Suns again trade their draft pick. This time they traded Rondo and Brian Grant for another future first round pick and cash consideration. Several weeks later, the Suns sign free agent Marcus Banks to a five year, $24 million deal to backup Nash.

Not only does Banks have no similarities to Nash's game, but he's also always been a career loser. Never won in college and has always been on the losing team in the NBA.

Not only could the Suns have easily developed Rajan Rondo, but they also passed up on guys like Kyle Lowry or Jordan Farmar. Here's the thing: the Suns could have just developed their draft pick for one-fourth the price of Marcus Banks.

Did I forget to mention the Suns had one more pick in this draft? The No. 27 pick which turned out to be Sergio Rodriguez, but they traded him to Portland for luxury tax reasons.


The Suns had two first round picks (No. 24 and No. 29), and one second round pick (No. 59). For the 24th, 29th, and 59th pick, Phoenix chose Rudy Fernandez, Alando Tucker, and DJ Strawberry. Rudy Fernandez is traded to Portland along with James Jones for cash, again to avoid the luxury tax threshold. But what a miracle offseason for the Suns—they actually decided to keep several draft picks!


Phoenix has the No. 15 pick in the draft, and Steve Kerr mentioned several times to the media that the Suns would like to move up in the draft or acquire another pick. However, several trade rumors have already been shut down (two of which I previously spoke of in my last article).

A new favorite rumor of mine has Leandro Barbosa and the No. 15 pick for Corey Maggette and the No. 7 pick. This deal is highly unlikely because Maggette has yet to reach a decision whether or not he wants to opt out of his $8 million contract.

As a Phoenix Suns enthusiast, I pray the Suns staff figures out a solution to benefit today's team as well as tomorrow's.