Dallas Cowboys' Keith Brooking: Sore Loser

Adam HankinsCorrespondent IApril 4, 2017

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Keith Brooking was not very happy after the Minnesota Viking's final touchdown on Sunday.


With under two minutes to play, and with the Vikings up by a score of 27-3, Brett Favre threw an 11 yard touchdown pass to make the score 34-3.


Brooking then ran to the Minnesota sideline, letting anyone who would listen know how he felt about "running up the score."


"I thought it was totally classless and disrespectful," Brooking said. "This is the NFL, that's not what this is about. I don't think there's a place for that ... I was looking for Childress. I didn't think it was right, but they've got to see us next year. They've got to see us. You better believe I'll have that one circled on the calendar, but I say that, we get paid to stop them. I don't care what's called, but sometimes I don't think there was much class in that decision to do what he did."


Okay, so the Vikings didn't really need that final touchdown to come out with the victory. So, does it really make them "classless" to score anyway?


Absolutely not. If Keith Brooking and the Dallas defense didn't want the Vikings to "run up the score" on them, they had the opportunity to stop them. They didn't, and now Brooking and the rest of the Dallas defense have nobody but themselves to blame.


The most curious part of Brooking's statement is "this is the NFL, that's not what this is about."


Scoring and making a statement are not what this is about?


All week long, we heard about how the Dallas Cowboys were the Super Bowl favorites. Minnesota wasn't given a chance by many of the media pundits. And so, when it came time to play, the Vikings decided to show the rest of the league that they would be underdogs to no team.


Keith Brooking's statements sounded like whining by a sore loser. If anyone was "classless," it was Brooking for talking as if the Vikings should have no right to score on the Cowboys defense.


Professional football is a big boy's game, and Keith Brooking needs to grow up. Only in Pop Warner football can teams expect to receive such considerations.


Next time, maybe Keith Brooking will decide to play some actual defense instead of expecting another team to have mercy on him.