UFC 86: The Best Card You Didn't Know About

Jason FouchaAnalyst IJune 26, 2008

UFC 86: Rampage vs Forrest. Finally.

This is a card we have been waiting months upon months to see and it is almost here. But after doing further research, I was shocked to see how good this card really is. Let's take a look at it.

Quinton Jackson vs Forrest Griffin

Patrick Cote vs Ricardo Almeida


Joe Stevenson vs Gleison Tibau

Josh Koscheck vs Chris Lytle

Tyson Griffin vs Marcus Aurelio


Gabriel Gonzaga vs Justin McCully

Jorge Gurgel vs Cole Miller

Melvin Gulliard vs Dennis Siver

Corey Hill vs Justin Buchholz


So why did I draw the lines?

The reason is that the first two fights on the top of the list, are the ones we have actually heard about. The second section are the ones that will air on TV, but no one knows about, and the third is the preliminary card, which most won't see.

To me this sounds like a UFC 84 all over again. That is, a card full of great fights, but why aren't they advertising it this way?

The commercial advertises the main event, and the Cote/Almeida fight, but if you were to look at it by means of importance, other fights could be looked at as just as important. 

My prediction is that the three fights in the second section are all going to lead to number one contender matches, much like they claim the Cote/Almeida match is.

The winner of the Stevenson/Tibau could very well face the winner of the Griffin/Aurelio in a number one contender match against the winner of Huerta/Florian vs Penn. Confused? Don't worry most are. But to me, this seems like the most likely scenario to take place.

If Koscheck could finish Lytle quickly and be ready fast enough to fight in two to three months, he very well could fight Thiago Alves next for that number one spot against GSP/Fitch. Chris Lytle is no big star, but he has proven he can stand and bang, and that he should not be taken lightly.

If this was wrestling, Lytle would be the jobber that gets the occasional win, like Super Crazy or Tommy Dreamer. If this was football, he'd be the Broncos or the Raiders, a good past, but not what they used to be.

Look at the under card as well. You have Gabriel Gonzaga going up against Justin McCully in a heavyweight bout, which could help get Gonzaga back into the title race, as well as Melvin Gulliard looking to start something back up with a fight against Dennis Siver.

I think that the UFC is making a mistake by not advertising Stevenson, Koscheck, or Griffin, because all are loved by the fans, and have name recognition. I'm a big Cote fan, but if I were to market a PPV, I'd sure as hell make it known that those three were gonna be there. 

At the same time though, it makes sense, because if you don't publicize a fight, then nobody's gonna care about it when your champion faces the winner.

So here's how the main events will look towards the end of this year. (IMO)

Stevenson/Griffin vs Penn/Huerta/Florian

Koscheck/Alves vs GSP/Fitch

Cote/Almeida vs Silva

Sounds like a pretty good end of 2008 to me.