Open Mic: What Happens when I am Danny Ainge

Cameron HagerCorrespondent IJune 26, 2008

So with the end of the 07-08 NBA Season, ESPN needs something else to talk about besides the 2008 NBA draft and the 08-09 NBA Season (Mostly the NBA Draft).  

Currently every General Manager in the league is thinking of their draft strategy on what certain players they need to get, or just need to get a star player.

Now if I was general manager of any of the teams, I would look at what the team needs. If we need a center, then I will scout the best centers. For me, it is all about what players we need instead of what players we want. Also if we need to think of a trade I will think about it, but mostly I would draft the players we need.

Would I listen to input from the owner and coach? Of course. It is always good to have other opinions to think about instead of just going of and selecting the person you need or want.

Now what team would I manage? I would manage the Celtics. I am basically being a hometown boy here, but I love the Celtics and I would be a child at Christmas (unless the present that the child got was socks) if I was chosen to manage that team.

Next question. Which sport needs the general manager the most or least? Well I think baseball needs the general manager the most because he is the one that calls most of the shots on what to do. The least would be maybe football because the coach of the team has a little more control.

In which sport is it easiest to see how the talent would develop? I would say basketball because you see the player in the games, in practice, maybe even in his college. The coach and general manager would be able to track his talent easier those ways.

Which sport is the toughest at tracking talent? I say it would be baseball. In baseball it is hard to know if the player is injury prone, has his bad days at bat, or can't catch the ball well. It would be way harder to tell if that is the way the player naturally is, or if he is having an off day.

Now in late rounds in drafts it gets harder to see talent and I will go with my last answer. Basketball is easier and baseball is not.

Well I'm done here but stay tuned for more from the Fanatic. Have a good day.