McNabb Or Kolb? Let The Debate Begin

Ryan LenahanContributor IJanuary 16, 2010

This debate will go on until we actually find out the answer, which will most likely be the day of the NFL Draft. The question is Kolb, or McNabb. McNabb has done very well as the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles although he has not won a super bowl, he is better then most quarterbacks around the league. McNabb has had eleven years to get the job done, and he has played on some very good football teams.  If I have observed one thing during McNabb's career it would be that as his deep ball accuracy has improved, his actuary on short passes has been on the decline.  If there is one thing that we do know about Kevin Kolb in the short time he has had to prove himself is that he has a very quick release, and seems to be more accurate then McNabb which may be better suited for Andy Reid's offense.  Kolb has also showed fire in his few NFL starts, you will not see Kevin Kolb Smiling after a bad play, or game, which is something that must drive Philadelphia Crazy about McNabb.  I am undecided on this issue, with all of McNabb's flaws he has won a lot of football games, but I will say that if the Eagles are to trade McNabb, it is this season or never.  His value will never be higher, and I think if they can get a piece to their defense, or a number one pick, they will pull the trigger.  The Eagles always have salary cap space and if they rid themselves of the contracts of McNabb, and Westbrook they could instantly improve themselves through free agency, and the draft. I believe the Eagles could convince Al Davis to take McNabb for the number eight pick in the draft right now, where the Eagles could possibly land a star defensive end that they desperately need to play opposite Trent Cole. Below are some other names that could help the Eagles put the Dallas loss behind them, and turn right back into a super bowl contender, if they were able to land a combination of these players. I do think Kevin Kolb is going to be a good quarterback, but are the fans of Philadelphia ready to watch a team that is in the playoffs year in and year out, rebuild if Kolb does not live up to expectations?


Improve the pass rush


Julius Peppers- He will demand a large contract, and I do not think the panthers would be willing franchise him again at a 20 million dollar price tag, the panthers will move on.  The Eagles have shown in the past that they will target players that they want, and throw money at him. Peppers and Cole would be a lethal combination, and he is what the Eagles have needed for along time, this rotation of backup Defensive Ends is just not working anymore, regardless of how fresh they are at the end of the season.


Elvis Dumervil- Don't expect him to hit free agency, the Broncos will franchise, him or signed him to a long term deal. If they do not, expect the Eagles to make a serious run at him and use him as an every down defensive end.


Aaron Kampman- He is huge question mark, given he is coming off an ACL, he struggled to convert to Green Bays 3-4 defense as a linebacker, but for years he has been one of the most underrated pass rushers in the game, a move back to defensive end could revive his career given he is healthy.


Richard Seymour- I know some people will call me crazy, and will say that Seymour would not fit the Eagles system, but this guy can put pressure on the quarterback lined up at tackle, or end.


The Draft


Derrick Morgan- This guy has been a monster off the edge in his time at Georgia Tech.  Pre Combine Morgan is a projected top ten pick; the Eagles would have to move up a good bit to have a shot at landing him.


Everson Griffen- Another Edge rusher who could help right away.


Improve the linebackers


DeMeco Ryans- If the Texans let him free agency, there will be multiple teams going after him, if Stewart Bradley comes back healthy, and the Eagles land Ryan they could have outstanding linebackers for years to come.


Derrick Johnson- This guy was excellent before the Chiefs transitioned to a 3-4 defense, he could be excellent again if he wants in the right place.


The Draft


Rolando McClain- McClain is extremely strong, and anyone that watched Alabama play this year knows this guy is a great player. Out of all of the players in the draft, im willing to say he will be a star in the league, again the Eagles would have to move up to get him. Nick Saban says he is a great student of the game, and the best linebacker he has ever coached.


Brandon Spikes- Has the Character issues that make NFL GM's scared, his being suspended for trying to poke an opposing players eye out is not going to help him, but he is talent, does not run as well as scouts would like, he could fall to the Eagles at 24.


Improve the saftey position


O.J. Atogwe- A very good player who flys under the radar on a terrible Rams team.


Darren Sharper- I don't care about his age, this guy almost won defensive player of the year, could be a chance for the Eagles to admit they should not have let Dawkins walk, and production is more important then age in some situations.


The Draft


Eric Berry- Another top ten pick that scouts are calling a can't miss prospect, could play safety or corner in the league, Eagles would obviously want to make him a safety, given they don't have one.


Other thoughts


Obviously the Eagles may let Chris Gocong walk in free agency, but did they ever think of trying him at defensive end? I believe he still does own a collegiate sack record, it could be worth a try.


The Eagles will have to move up in the draft to attain most of the players that I mentioned above. I understand the Eagles also need help at along the offensive line, and will write about the improvements they can make in that area at a later time.



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