How to Lose 80 Million Dollars In 3 Minutes: Let's Duel

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How to Lose 80 Million Dollars In 3 Minutes: Let's Duel
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OK, so it really isn't 80 million but whatever pro-rated portion of Gilbert Arenas contract that is left. What are you thinking?

I live in Washington DC and I wanna duel over a gambling debt? OK...

Hey, don't laugh to hard. The vice president of the United States Aaron Burr killed Federalist Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

Andrew Jackson fought 2 duels according to Wikipedia.

One a President and one a Vice President.

Was Gilbert Arenas foolish? Yes

Was he in violation of NBA rules for guns in Locker rooms? Yes

Did he break a DC Law? Yes and No.

Is the DC law even constitutional? I say no! We have the right to bear arms under the constitution. Appears someone may be able to challenge that law real soon.

This is of no consequence to Gilbert Arenas though. He will have served his time before the law can be exposed to federal court to clear his name.

If I lived in DC, I would carry a firearm too. Have you been there lately? I love these laws that the criminals certainly wouldn't follow but we sure will hang the Gilbert Arenas for it.

Was there any bullets in the guns? No

Was a gun pointed at anyone? No

So basically, if I carry a gun into Washington DC. I will be a criminal with a felony record. Lose tons of cash to a lawyer and the court. If I play basketball, I lose money on the hard court too.

Gilbert Arenas is going to lose 40 million of a 80 million dollar contract over presenting guns. Have a felony on his record. Spend some time in the slammer. All for presenting 4 guns to his fellow player who had been throwing his own rhetoric around.

Have we got that shallow in America?

Have we made to many laws?

Did anyone get hurt?

I know we hurt David Stern's feelings but come on people. This is America. Home of the Free. Now it is Home of the Free with conditions. Do Not Point your fingers like a gun, you will lose your job. Stern is serious.

What is your opinion here? Worth ruining a life over? Felony for Arenas?

For the record I own guns and DO NOT belong to any gun monger magazines or clubs. I am not even a fan of Gilbert Arenas but do think he is funny. I just wonder where common sense applies to law. What is your opinion?

Mark Duane

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