The New York Mets Need Some Hustlers.

Jimmy ForgioneContributor IJune 25, 2008

Now when I say hustlers, I mean a player that goes on to the field and actually shows some passion to play baseball. A hungry player that isn't making guaranteed millions of dollars. We need players that will challenge some of these older players for their positions. We all know that Delgado is making guaranteed money whether or not he performs. We know that Castillo will get paid, and same for Moises Alou even if he can't stay healthy for more than a week.

To quote Austin Powers. . ."What does it all mean Basil?" Well it means that the older guys can relax a little bit. I have nothing against these players, but being slow and dead is not the way to play baseball. They all have their moments, but we need guys that can cause a bigger spark than the spark they got from Manuel's and Beltran's ejection. If you look around the league you would see many teams with youth surrounded by veterans. On the Mets all I see is veterans surrounded by youths.  A team with the second oldest average age needs to make a visit to the fountain of youth. They are a old team that are slow, dead, unimpressive, unmotivated, and uninspired, and it shows. I see Wright and Reyes smiling and showing emotions while playing. On the other end of the spectrum I see players with grim looks upon their faces.

Solutions to this problem are guys like Justin Upton in Arizona, and a Yunel Escobar in Atlanta. Some kind of young blood that gets a team rolling. A guy that's half as good as Jay Bruce or Evan Longoria. Teams that are old play like they are old. Reyes and Wright can provide a big enough spark to this team. They are out numbered. Its hard for a a young player to take over as a team leader when everyone in the clubhouse is older. Put yourself in a veterans shoes. If you had a career like Delgado and Castillo would you want to listen to a younger player who hasn't yet reached your status? The answer is no. The ratio between youth and vets must be 2:1. The Mets right now are 1:2. That's not a great sign. Many young teams have bright futures for this year. Teams like Arizona, LA Dodgers, Colorado, Florida, and Tampa Bay are looking hungry, and inspired. They play like they are having fun. Which is what baseball is all about.