The Best Fans In the NBA

Hugh JassCorrespondent IJune 25, 2008

After reading Alex Kennedy's Utah Jazz: The Most Disgusting Fans In The NBA, I decided to write an article describing just how "disgusting" the fans in Salt Lake City really are.

Sure, some Jazz fans may have chanted "cancer" when their dearly beloved Derek Fisher walked onto the court in game 3 of the NBA playoffs at Energysolutions Arena.  However, it’s taking it a little far to say that every fan in the stadium was shouting “cancer”. 

This is the National Basketball Association, the biggest basketball association in the world. Fans are going to be passionate towards their teams and not just the Utah Jazz.  Especially when their previous starting shooting-guard leaves for a contending rival in the same conference.  

Last year, Derek Fisher requested to leave the Utah Jazz because of the rare eye cancer that his daughter was diagnosed with. 

Supposedly, Fisher wasn’t satisfied with the way the treatment was going in Utah, so he began to seek a city that would be able to provide sufficient medical care for his daughter, Tatum.  Eventually, Derek Fisher joined the Los Angeles Lakers.  While I respect his decision to leave the NBA in order to care for his daughter, I strongly disagree with his joining of the Lakers.  

I agree that it is wrong to chant “cancer” to a player whose daughter is suffering from the disease, but that wasn’t the case.  There are classless fans everywhere in the NBA. Have the Jazz fans cheered when an opposing player hit the deck with an injury?  No, they never have.  Not everyone chanted “cancer”. Not everyone put their hands over their eyes.  Is there any proof that anyone did such a thing?

The Utah Jazz have the best fans in the NBA.  Let’s face it. 

With a league-leading 37-4 record last season, how can anyone say that the Utah Jazz fans are disgusting?  There are brutal fans everywhere in the NBA.  Sorry Alex Kennedy, what they do may not please you, but it sure does work. 

Salt Lake City is home to the best fans in the NBA, whether you like it or not.