Lane Kiffin Is Already Receiving Karma and Doesnt Realize It..Oh Well!

William Ramsey@bigpermramseyContributor IIJanuary 13, 2010

GAINESVILLE, FL - SEPTEMBER 19:  Head coach Lane Kiffin of the Tennessee Volunteers watches the action prior to the game against the Florida Gators at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on September 19, 2009 in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

So Mike Garrett talked to a few people about Pete Carroll's coaching vacancy at USC.  Let us run down that list.

Mike Riley at Oregon State -- No thanks.

Steve Sarkisian at Washington -- My team beat yours so I am ok here...Thanks.

Jack Del Rio at Jacksonville (NFL) -- Eh, thanks but I wanna stay in the pros.

The next logical choice was a man who had ties to USC but who could also bring an unreal staff with him out to Los Angeles.

Well then, lets call Lane Kiffin.  He had a hard time with the big boys of the SEC and he might really enjoy the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.  Not to mention the Grasscutters level of play that is the Pac-10.  Yeah, that would be a great fit.

Hey, do you think he might wanna bring daddy with him?  I am sure he would.  We could upgrade our defensive coaching staff there with good ole Monte!  Nice!

Next, we need help keeping our recruits here at USC.  I hear Ed Orgeron has his lips firmly planted on the backside of the Kiffin family.  Think he would join in as well?  I am sure he would.

Well, we have defense, recruiting, and head coach figured out.  We need an offensive coordinator who can get the job done.  I hear Norm Chow might come back over to the dark side of town and get back together with "the boys in the band."

Well, it sounds like we have completely rebuilt our staff and should have a stellar recruiting class because of it.

If this was the conversation Mike Garrett had with any of the boosters at USC, good luck being his puppet on a string out in Los Angeles.

As a matter of fact, karma is a beast and you should get yours Lane Kiffin.  Good riddance and worst of luck to you from Big Orange Country.