The Wildcard Kings of the Jungle

John GustafsonContributor IJanuary 11, 2010

by John Gustafson,

  • QB- Aaron Rodgers - I had Rodgers as the #1 QB headed into the into the playoffs and he did not disappoint this week. His 422 passing yards, 13 rushing yards, 5 total TDs and int were good for a position high 43.4 points. Unfortunately, the Packers didn’t have enough in the tank to move on but for those who had Rodgers this week he got them enough points for 2 weeks.
  • RB1- Ray Rice - I didn’t think the Ravens could do it this week, but they did and Rice owners benefited. His 159 yards and 2 scores were good for a position high of 27.9 points. Luckily for Rice owners, he’ll live to see another week and with a matchup vs the high scoring Colts, the Ravens are going to rely heavily on Rice again in the divisional matchup.
  • RB2- Cedric Benson - Benson looked like the only Bengal who came to play this week and his numbers showed. He combined for 181 total yards, found the endzone and chipped in with 3 receptions for an outstanding 27.1 points. I saved Benson this week to use him next week, but I will not be getting that opportunity.
  • WR1- Steve Breaston - Earlier today I was kicking myself for benching Julian Edelman and starting Breaston, but it turned out to be the right decision. I had Breaston in 3 leagues today and loved his 153 total yard, 7 reception and a score performance. Thanks Steve!
  • WR2- Jeremy Maclin - Maclin came on in a big way for the few that started him this week. DeSean virtually disappeared and Maclin reaped the benefits for a 7 catch, 146 yards, 1 TD game. Props to all out there who started Maclin.
  • WR3- Greg Jennings - I loved how Jennings came on the 2nd half of the year and like Rodgers, I had him ranked high as I expected the Packers to make it to the Super Bowl. That didn’t happen but Jennings was kind of enough to get me 27 points (8 catches, 130 yards, 1 TD) before calling it a season. Rodgers just missed Jennings on a long bomb in OT also that would have given him even bigger numbers and the Packers at a chance to move forward.
  • TE- Jermichael Finley - I’ve been on the Jermichael bandwagon ever since he returned from his injury earlier this year. I was planning on saving him in my survivor leagues, but in one league I started him and certainly glad I did. I thought that by starting Finley I’d get an advantage over those who started Celek and Witten and that gamble paid off huge as Finley went for 159 yards on 6 catches for 21.9 points. Too bad he’s done, because I would have loved to use him later this playoff season.
  • Flex- Larry Fitzgerald - Fitz is a must start every week and this week he did not disappoint. Fitz had a great game netting 2 TDs on 6 catches and 82 yards. Congrats to everyone who drafted Fitz as I now think the Cards have a great chance to make it to the Super Bowl. I used him in all of my survivor leagues, so even though I don’t get to use him again, his 26.2 points might be his best performance of the playoff season.

I hope everyone had a great fantasy week and check back tomorrow for more recaps.