USC President Steven Sample and AD Mike Garrett Boot Pete Carroll To NFL

Jon SarverCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO - DECEMBER 26: Head coach Pete Carroll and Damian Williams #18 of the USC Trojans celebrate after defeating the Boston College Eagles during the 2009 Emerald Bowl at AT&T Park on December 26, 2009 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

USC President Sample and Athletic Director Garrett Share Blame for Pete Carroll Exit!


It can now be said: Outgoing USC President Steven Sample and Athletic Director Mike Garrett have played a big role in the pending exit of Pete Carroll form USC.  With all true deference to you "out of the closet USC haters" that are loving Uncle Pete's exit, this is not about Carroll ditching the upcoming NCAA probation.

I'll say it now, he has too much integrity for that. Much of this has to do with the whacky BCS and the fact that coaches want a playoff (Check out the FanRevolt plan ). The Golden Domers, Gator fans, and Crimson Tide bandwaggoners are burning up their keyboards now with despise for any defense of USC and Pete Carroll!

But I know you out-of-control bloggers are going to hammer me for that one, while those of you who agree will say "nice article."  So, my challenge to those of you who agree is to "shout out the haters and comment on this article!"

OK, back to the haters.  The fact is that Peter Carroll has been frustrated with the way college football determines a national champion for years.  The BCS  is the only  system that "guesses" who the real champion should be. 

Maybe Nick Saban thinks that's cool, (because the computers guessed in 2003 with LSU, though Alabama's recent title is in question with Boise State's perfect season and perfect BCS record) but Pete Carroll said time and time again we need a change, and it was always muffled and ignored.

That's because his bosses (former?!?) Steven B. Sample and Michael Garrett are in favor of the BCS.

Until now...they do not believe we will do anything about it!

Why?  The college president's and conference commissioners control the BCS.  That means they bypass the NCAA and get money directly from the bowls. And they get a whole wad of money.

Athletic directors like Mike Garrett have to say the right thing to the coach, but they appease their bosses, the college presidents. 

It can be said.  NCAA FBS football is all about the money. Shame on the USC leadership for screwing their own football program.

Meanwhile, the football program is a pawn to make big dollars.  Mack Brown estimated in November that Texas made $7 million to $8 million per game and they weren't about to change the BCS because it generates so much controversy.

The truth is, the BCS keeps the bowls relevant and the rich conferences just get richer.  For that matter, the rich schools get richer. But it points out the hypocrisy in college football.  The only way we can change this mess is for you to speak up and stop justifying the BCS craziness and demand change!

Pete Carroll can't do it, but you can!

A school like USC had a legitimate argument about contending for several more championships the last decade.  There were several years in which they could have been in the plus one (2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008).  Their president and athletic director made sure they didn't have a chance to compete in a playoff for those titles!

This is where it gets dicey.  Their own president and athletic director keep approving the setup of the BCS, even while their coaches grind their teeth in frustration.  Also, in USC's case they are the victims of BCS East Coast and Southern Region bias in the voting and opinion polls so they get whacked in several different ways. 

Are you haters happy now?

You will now point out losses to Stanford, Oregon State, and UCLA and say your humble correspondent is nothing but a hack writer.

I say look at your school's nonconference schedule and get back to me.  A real league has a playoff and that's what our point is.  Stop whining and demand a college football playoff now and play it on the field!  PERIOD.

Dump the BCS and Demand a Playoff today!  Sorry to see you go Pete!