Mariusz Pudzianowski Vs Arild Haugen, Which Ex-Strongman Would Win?

David KuzminskiContributor IJanuary 10, 2010

     Mariusz Pudzianowski Vs Arild Haugen, this is an intriguing possible match-up on so many levels. Pudzianowski was a 5 time World's Strongest Man, Haugen also competed in strongman, but retired at the age of 23 to persue a career in boxing. Mariusz holds a 1-0 record in MMA while Haugen holds a 1-0 record in boxing.


      Pudzian stands 6"1 and weighs in at about 270 after cutting down from 315 while Haugen stands 6"2.5 and tips the scales at about 330. Haugen looked impressive with his 45 second KO against Latvian Pavels Dolgovs in a boxing match, while Pudzian looked a bit akward in his 43 second KO vs Marcin Najman in an MMA bout on December 12. Haugen is much younger at the age of 23 while Pudzian is 33, but niether is a seasoned veteran in MMA or boxing. Pudzian is a 4th degree Green Belt in Kyrokushin Karate and was a solid amature boxer before he decided to become a strongman competitior. Haugen is a newbie boxer, but is still very young and has plenty of time to develp into a deeper fighter. Both men are explosive and very quick and agile for guys their size. Pudzian is now in intense MMA training with a solid camp in Poland who have really developed his ground game to a near dominate level. All they had to do was teach him some positions and ways to get there and his strength would take him the rest of the way. Team Pudzian brought in an Olympic level freestyle wrestler who was controlled on the ground by Mariusz. Not much is known about Haugen's fighting ablities quite yet.


     Haugen's boxing and strength maybe be better then Puddzianowski"s, but Pudzian is far more agile and quick and he has the most drive and determination I have ever seen in my life. He wanted to win the WSM 5 times, he did just that, he wanted to play rugby, he did just that, he wanted to go into MMA, he did just that, and now he wants to make a name in MMA, and he will do just that. Haugen and Pudz would be pretty even standing, but Haugen would have to be aware of kicks, but on the ground Pudz would take over easily.


     But if this fight were to happen, Haugen would have to cut plenty of weight as Pudz did and Haugen would have to get into MMA. But the big question is, can a ring or cage hold these 2?