Miami Hurricanes Face a Wave Of Recruiting Decommits

Bill RobbinsContributor IJanuary 10, 2010

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - SEPTEMBER 17: Head coach Randy Shannon of the Miami Hurricanes watches his team take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Land Shark Stadium on September 17, 2009 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Miami defeated Georgia Tech 33-17.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
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Over past couple of months the Miami Hurricanes have been losing highly rated recruits and have had certain prospects from south Florida area commit to other programs such as the Florida Gators.

The Hurricanes so far have faced a wave of decommitments for no apparent reason even though they had their best season in the past four years. Miami is facing one of their worst recruiting class in the past five years with only six 4-star recruits out of 25 players compared to the two previous years 2008 coming off 5-7 season (two 5-stars, fifteen 4-star, out of 32) and 7-6 (one 5-star, nine 4-star, out of 19).I am perplexed because Miami is a team on the rise. While teams like Florida State and Notre Dame have been struggling with seven or less wins a year.    

The Florida Gators have uncertainty of who’s is going to be their coach next season. Even though Urban Meyer says he will be back, it is still not certain that he will, but in the past few days the Gators had picked up commitments from three of the top 14 recruits Matt Elam, Sharrif Floyd, and Ronald Powell. All defensive guys , all five star recruits, and all recruits targeted by the Hurricanes. They are just a few guys that picked Florida over Miami.   

I am not trying to put down the recruits Miami has, in fact I think a lot of them will be sleepers, and will have a lot of success in college. But I am concerned about the players that committed to Miami and in the end decommitted, as well as losing out to other schools for top prospects. Hopefully in the end this recruiting class ends up being great. Remember don't get mad at these high school players they are just kids and their minds change.

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Here is a list of all the players that were Miami Hurricane commits that decommited


Javarie Johnson   4 star linebacker, 17th best linebacker, Rivals 250                                       Commit to Maryland

Quinton Dunbar  4 star wide receiver, 22nd best receiver, 137th nationally                               Commit to Florida

Greg Dent             4 star athlete, 27th best athlete                                                             Commit to Florida State

Todd Chandler     4 star defensive tackle, 16th best DT, 189th nationally                                 Commit to South Florida

Louis Nix               4 star defensive tackle,  7th best DT, 93rd nationally                                 Commit to Notre Dame