BlogPoll: Final

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BlogPoll: Final
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1. Alabama 14-0 2 v. (2) FLorida, 32-13
2. Florida 13-1 15 v. (12) Cincinnati, 51-24
3. Texas 13-1 38 v. Oklahoma St., 41-14
4. Ohio State 11-2 50 v. (6) Oregon, 26-17
5. Boise State 14-0 96 v. (10) TCU, 17-10
6. Oregon 10-3 6 v. (21) USC, 47-20
7. Nebraska 10-4 52 v. Arizona, 33-0
8. Iowa 11-2 41 @ (9) Penn State, 21-10
9. Penn State 11-2 73 v. (16) LSU, 19-17
10. TCU 12-1 60 v. Utah, 55-28
11. Virginia Tech 10-3 13 v. (19) Miami, 31-7
12. Cincinnati 12-1 44 @ Oregon State, 28-18
13. Georgia Tech 11-3 10 v. (11) Virginia Tech, 28-23
14. Pittsburgh 10-3 40 v. Notre Dame, 27-22
15. Wisconsin 10-3 64 v. (19) Miami, 20-14
16. LSU 9-4 5 v. Georgia, 20-13
17. Mississippi 9-4 46 v. (16) LSU, 25-23
18. Miami 9-4 8 v. (13) Georgia Tech, 33-17
19. USC 9-4 19 @ (4) Ohio State, 18-15
20. BYU 11-2 61 v. (23) Oklahoma, 14-13
21. North Carolina 8-5 32 @ (11) Virginia Tech, 20-17
22. Texas Tech 9-4 62 @ (7) Nebraska, 31-10
23. Oklahoma 8-5 22 v. (24) Stanford, 31-27
24. Stanford 8-5 29 v. (6) Oregon, 51-42
25. Navy 10-4 82 v. Missouri, 35-13

Well, there it is.  Another year in the books accompanied by another Final Top 25 that barely makes sense at this point. If preseason poll makes no sense based on lack of play, the final poll makes equally little sense when considered against the backdrop of an entire season’s worth of games. I mean, when teams have three, four and five losses there is a very good chance that a team has defeated and lost to other teams both ahead and behind them. Feel free to take shots at these rankings but know that I did put a lot of thought into them (not to mention hours and hours of “research”).

Please keep in mind, these are the rankings of teams as I believe them to be at this moment. It is not a reward for the entire season.

Top Tier: Alabama, Florida, and Texas were clearly the best and most consistent teams in 2009. Despite close calls by all three teams, for me, there is no credible argument for placing any other team with the top 3. Alabama proved to be the nation’s best, while the difference between Texas and Florida is still unclear considering the Colt-less circumstances with which the Longhorns were required to deal with Tide. But I rank Florida ahead of Texas for a different, yet similar reason: the circumstances that Florida faced while trying to beat Alabama.

The Tide had spent year waking second since the 2008 SECCG, be it offseason conditioning, spring practice, fall camp, or the entire 2009 campaign, to work on one thing. Beating Florida. That proved too much for the fighting Tebows.

Best of the Rest: Ohio State, somewhat miraculously, found their way to No. 4 in my final ballot. I am as shocked as you may be. Pryor’s Rose Bowl performance alongside another super solid defensive effort, makes the Buckeyes an extremely formidable opponent. I do not think they would stand much of a chance against the Top 3, but they appeared capable of beating everyone else out there. Let me know if you think I am still wearing the Rose-colored glasses.

Answers to some Questions: “Nebraska in the top 10? Oklahoma ranked at all (much less No. 23)? What is wrong with you?” Didn’t you notice the Big 12’s lackluster bowl performances?” The answer to all of those questions is “yes.” Nebraska’s defense is rolling, doing a better job against a Longhorn squad armed with Colt than the Tide defense did without.

If you do not believe in Stanford, then you will not be swayed by the Sooners Sun Bowl victory. And, quite honestly, any ranking after No. 10 is a hot mess, which is fairly reflective of reality at the end of the season.

*SOS provided by Sagarin’s rankings

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