Wanderlei Silva Vs. Thiago Silva On The Horizon?

Ryan WalesSenior Analyst IJune 24, 2008

Dave Meltzer from The Wrestling Observer is one of the best inside information guys in the business and his latest tidbit is a doozy. Meltzer is reporting that Wand Silva was given a choice of two opponents for his next match-up. Thiago Silva or Lyoto Machida were the two opponents that Wand had to choose from, and his choice was supposedly Thiago Silva.

Thiago Silva is one of the premier young talents the UFC has at Light Heavyweight. He is 13-0 and is on a four fight win streak in the UFC. He has ripped off wins against James Irvin, Tomasz Drwal, Houston Alexander, and Antonio Mendes.

Ten of his thirteen wins have come by KO/TKO, he has two submission victories, and has gone the distance only once. To top it all off, he trains with one of the best camps in the world, American Top Team.

If a fight with Wand Silva is next for Thiago, it will certainly be the biggest in his relatively young career. A win over Wanderlei puts him right in the thick of the title hunt. If he wants to see a title shot in the next two years he needs to beat Wandy, which of course is easier said than done.

The man who may be in the way of Thiago's title run is one of the greatest of all time. Wand Silva is coming off of an absolutely brutal knock out of Keith Jardine.

Ten seconds after Jardine hit the canvas, I received a text message from one of my best friends and fellow MMA enthusiast.


While I never want to see a athlete hurt, I felt excited for Wand. The"Ax- Murderer" was back.

Wand Silva has always been one of my favorite fighters. Out of the ring he is a good guy and a family man, inside he is a scary dude.

I was afraid with several losses the UFC would let Wand go, or bury him in undercard mediocrity like what happened with Arlovski. But he proved that he was still one of the best in the biz, and now he may face the future of the Light Heavyweight division.

Now the two Silva's are at a crossroads: one will win and be a step ot two away from the title. The other will have to start over in a talent-rich Light Heavyweight division.

I hope this fight happens, because this is one of those fights that you can show to someone that doesn't follow the sport and they will be amazed at what these two men can do.

It's a chance for a talented youngster to catapult himself to a "meteoric rise," while a legend has a chance to see if he has one more title run left in him.

Please Joe Silva, make Thiago Silva vs. Wanderlei Silva happen.