National Championship Game Proves BCS Is a Fraud!

Jon Sarver@ IJanuary 8, 2010

AUBURN, AL - NOVEMBER 27:  Head coach Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide yells to his offense during the game against the Auburn Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium on November 27, 2009 in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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National Championship Game Proves BCS is a Fraud

A diary of a mediocre game...

You saw the game.  I'm so confident this major dud (upon further review there was about 8:00 pretty exciting minutes) is over that I'm writing this with 8:00 minutes left in the third quarter.  Pete Carroll said it best at half time, Texas lost 60 to 70 percent of their offense when Colt McCoy was hurt. 

If you translate through coach talk he was saying, "My true freshman is much better than Garrett Gilbert right now and did you see how our season ended up?"  We need a playoff , please!

The announcers talked like the game was over.  The fans lacked energy in this game and it proves just how fragile the "One equals all" BCS system has let us down again.  All the pre game build up ended up in being a monumental waste of time because this game completely turned on a sprained shoulder of one person.

Just saw Garrett Gilbert throw a 3rd-and-10 about 30 feet over the receiver.   Alabama goes three and out on the next drive and it appears all they are doing is playing not to lose.  It sums up the BCS in a nut shell. 

The top conferences generally schedule not to lose.  Any conference not named the SEC or Big 12 is at a serious disadvantage to start off any year in the BCS standings. 

Brent Musberger just talked about the sensational Alabama defense.  He may be right but Texas was horrible with Colt McCoy against Nebraska and Gilbert has struggled all night.

Until now...Gilbert hits Shipley for a 44-yard touchdown pass because Bama was sneaking up to stop the run.  Why not?  It's all they could do all night!

Until now...Texas just kicked an onside kick and the inequity of the BCS is exposed even more.  Alabama has already emotionally packed it in and now that have to crank it up again.  Our contention is that a 16-team playoff would weed out questionable offenses like we have seen from Texas the last two games.  We also believe the Chattanooga's of the world should never be on the schedule of Alabama. 

In the GridIron Gauntlet 16 Team College Football Playoff , we would do a better job of penalizing teams for pansy games. 

With 50 seconds left in the third quarter, Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger are doing whatever they can to regain the audience.  After the onside recovery, Texas goes three and out.  No matter how you slice it, crap is crap and that is what we are watching.

There is no other sport in America that ends this way with computers, coaches and sportswriters determining the outcome.  A playoff might produce a better match up or it might have produced this one.  We had a simulated 16-Team Playoff that had Texas Knocked out of the first round against Miami primarily because they played so poorly against Nebraska and playoffs produce upsets.

At 14:30 into the fourth quarter, Alabama has three yards against the Longhorn defense.  It just makes you wonder what would happen if there was one more game.  What would happen if Alabama lined up against 14-0 Boise State?  For sure, Bama and Texas fans both felt they could clock Boise State.

We see nothing in this game that leads us to think either Alabama or Texas would be a lock to beat Boise State by any means.

McElroy just missed his receiver by 25 yards and Texas is called for pass interference.  Geez, are you really that confident Tide fans.  Could TCU's defense have throttled Bama?  Is McElroy that much better against TCU?  We don't think so, but the point is we will never know without a playoff.

There is 13:04 and Texas is celebrating on what they thought was a holding call but it ended up being a personal foul, and Texas behind the anemic McElroy is moving the ball because Texas is helping them. 

With 13:00 or so left in the game, Alabama just misses a field goal because they do not have a National Championship offense so far.  McElroy is all over the place because he is all over the place.  This is less Texas's greatness than it is Alabama playing not to lose.  You go 45 or 50 days between games and all you do is play not to lose.  I have friends at this game who spent thousands and probably feel ripped off.

Now the announcers are saying Gilbert is feeling more comfortable. It's not the fault of the kid that this game was such a dud (I'm confident in the outcome and there is still 10:18 left in the game).  Gilbert is 3rd-and-4 with 8:48 left.  I predict an incomplete pass and a punt. Instead I get a false start and now we have 4th-and-9.  There is absolutely no sense that Texas is in this game. 

8:13 left and I am proved wrong for the short term.  Herbstreit is thrilled that the soon to be proven veteran Gilbert is keeping the viewers...for the moment.  The producers must be telling these guys to keep up the "bull" because we are getting a whole lot of it.

7:15 left and Gilbert is driving the Longhorns on the Bama 25.  Now Gilbert hits his receiver and Musberger has him growing up before our eyes.  It gets us to wondering if the Bama defense is as good as advertised. 

According to Musberger, this might be a comeback for the ages.  He saves this "zinger," Greg McElroy has not lost a game since the eighth grade sound bite for now.  Great line, but I now see a bunch of reasons that the door is at least open for the TCU and Boise State argument that they could have challenged either of these teams in the semi-finals.

The biggest issue is Alabama thought it was over and has been playing not to lose figuring the young freshman would totally implode.  He almost did, but that is why you play the game and most importantly it is why we need a playoff.

With 6:08 left, McElroy hit Ingram and is trying to move out of the conservative mode.  Big problems now!  Ingram has had a decent post Heisman game so far.  Only two Heisman winners the last decade can say that.  So far, all the Heisman winners this decade can claim it.

Ingram is having real problems with Muckelroy.  It's 3rd-and-8 with 3:21 and we have to say that Alabama has tried to back into this championship.  We are not impressed!  A champion truly plays like it and Alabama is not.  Props to the Longhorns.  Say what you may, they have willed a new game with big hearts.

We have to think a true playoff would have either weeded out these teams or confirmed their greatness.  No matter what you say Texas or Alabama fan, there will be great debate as to whether either would be anointed champion over Boise State.  I, for one, would love to see that game.

So now Texas takes over deep in its own territory against a team that thought it had it won.  Nick Saban may not be the best coach in history after all.  I mean, you are all thinking that after seeing this turn of events.  A holding penalty and Texas is moving but the Tide's defense comes through and the Texas quarterback Gilbert is crushed and loses the ball.  Where was that energy earlier? 

Ingram is stopped at the one.  It usually takes a long time for teams to get going in these kind of games.  The BCS is horrible when it comes to layoffs.  Can you imagine the NFL playing until the end of March with a five week break in between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl. 

With two minutes left we are seeing some football which leads us to think that a playoff where teams are consistently playing would bring us better games. 

Back to the game...Ingram battles second effort and scores his second touchdown.  He has had a good game and big players win big games. According to Brent Musberger, Mark Ingram's name will not be mentioned in struggling Heisman trophy winners in big games.

Yes, the game got competitive for about nine minutes, but the honest truth is that it was a game that lacked the special electricity big games should have.  It's as over as I thought it was entering the fourth quarter, but thanks to Alabama for playing like it was for most of the quarter and Texas not getting that memo.

Musberger and Herbstreit have anointed  the Tide No. 1 for next year as well.  Please not that!  Who are they playing next year? Chattanooga?  Play a tough non-conference schedule and prove it in a playoff and then you have a true champion.  Or play a weak schedule and get knocked out.  Either way, in a playoff we would have a real champion. 

Alabama scores again and my dud prediction though in jeopardy, turned out to be true enough for the greater part of this game. 

Gilbert threw another interception.  This game leaves you feeling like you dated your best friends sister.  It had potential but it didn't go anywhere!  37-21 means there were some moments, but are you really convinced Boise State would have been a worse opponent?  The point is that we do not know and we should.  Dumb!

So, it's over and did we really produce a true champion?  There is one other team that would like to debate that!  You can make a difference and change this system by Dumping the BCS and Demanding a College Football Playoff NOW !

Congrats to the Tide.  You did what the system allowed you to do!  Texas you have a class act over there as well.  It would be great to see several weeks of intense playoffs to bring out the best in everyone.  Join us and Demand a Playoff Now!




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