Fan Intervention: “Tuck” or “No Tuck” Jerseys?

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IJanuary 5, 2010

The official NFL rules state:

“The team jersey shall be tucked inside the top of the pants and shall remain tucked in throughout the game.  If the jersey is pulled out during the game, the player shall be required to tuck it in during a break in the play.”

Some fans take this rule to heart.


Any replica NFL jersey looks ridiculous.  One, they don’t fill out well without pads.  And two, because 50% of the sample size usually contains some variation of the number 69.  Regardless, the tucked-in jersey looks exponentially absurd.

Fans that tuck-in jerseys are asserting themselves as “more professional” than the rest of us savages with untucked jerseys.  Fine, that’s their call – but if they’re making that declaration, they should probably include a belt into their wardrobe and do so without a sidekick wearing a cowboy hat.  Just saying.  But most importantly, the tucked fans seem to be inserting themselves into an interesting paradox.

By tucking in a jersey, they’re also attempting to legitimize below-the-equator attire as “part of the uniform”.  Dockers are not part of the uniform.  Neither are jeans or shorts.  Let’s not pass them off as such.

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