Dodge This: The WTF Of WWE Draft

Nadene DodgeCorrespondent IJune 23, 2008

2008 Draft is here!  Are we, the fans, going to see what we have been waiting to see?  How are they going to shake things up now? 

As I sit and watch Raw, I see some of the draft picks that are for the good for some of the wrestlers, then I sat on the edge of my seat waiting to see some get drafted, but it never happened. 

My main reason for being on the edge of my seat was to see either Vickie or Edge be sent somewhere else.  I would have loved to see Edge get sent to ECW just so that he would have to deal with Teddy Long.  Wouldn't that have been great to see?  Vickie Guerrero and her "Boy Toy" seperated. 

That would have made my night! I know, not everyone thinks that way, but come on, wouldn't that have been the icing on the cake.  As life goes on not everything goes the way that you want it. 

1st Draft Pick Rey Mysterio

No longer a pawn on SmackDown, he has made his way to Raw.  This is a first for Rey Mysterio, who has never been on the Raw roster. I feel that this is going to be great for Rey, and I am really happy about this move.  This also means that Rey will not have to deal with Vickie Guerrero.  That is just one reason to celebrate.

2nd Draft Pick Jeff Hardy

No longer a high flyer on Raw, he now moves to SmackDown.  Now I know most fans were happy that the Hardy Boys would be on the same show and go back to tag teaming, but they have made it too far on their own to go back to that.  Jeff is better off on his own now.  I can see him going further with his career this way. 

3rd Draft Pick CM Punk

ECW's first Money in the Bank winner, Punk now has moved to Raw.  He still has the briefcase and can use it whenever he chooses.  This is also a first for CM Punk as he has never been on the Raw roster. 

4th Draft Pick Matt Hardy

Still holding the United States Title up high, the elder brother was picked up by  ECW.  Matt has been doing great on his own, and I was happy to see this move.  Just like Jeff, Matt can go a lot further on his own.

5th & 6th Draft Picks Jim Ross and Michael Cole

With Good Ol' Jim Ross now on SmackDown, and Michael aka "Mitchell" Cole now on Raw, let's just see how these two will do on different shows. When you look at the bigger picture, JR is the reason why there was an Austin 3:16 epidemic returning to RAW during Bischoff's reign as GM. Can we say deja vu?

7th Draft Pick Batista

Batista is leaving SmackDown to finally return to Raw.  This is going to be very interesting due in large part to this Sunday. All offense, Edge and Vickie: The clock is ticking...

8th Draft Pick Umaga

Umaga is leaving Raw to take claim in SmackDown.  It is now his time to wreak havoc on another brand.

9th Draft Pick Kane

Kane is leaving ECW to go back to Raw.  This is to shake things up a little more and I am a little excited to see what he will do on Raw now.  All we can do is wait and see. Did I forget to mention that he is still the current ECW Champion?

10th & 11th Draft Picks Mr Kennedy and Triple H

Both Kennedy and Triple H are leaving Raw to head over to SmackDown.  This really makes me smile, just for the simple fact that both of these wrestlers don't like to be told what to do.  Is there anything that Vickie can do to keep these two in line?  What will they do to show Vickie that they really don't care? 

This is going to make for a very interesting SmackDown, and I for one can't wait to see what will happen. 

If this draft was like any of the other drafts in the past, then it isn't over yet.  All fans will just have to tune in to see what else might happen.  I for one am still waiting for the time when Edge will be moved to another show. 

I know, I won't hold my breath on it, but still WTF? That would have been the perfect draft, but at least now Edge has to deal with Kennedy and Triple H.  Who is to say that Batista won't go to SmackDown and get his revenge on Edge? 

Batista is no longer on the SmackDown roster, and he has one more night to get the momentum back heading into Night of Champions.

So he doesn't have to listen to Vickie if he did in the beginning.

By the way: If you didn't like this piece, I got two words for ya: DODGE THIS!