The WWE Draft has Come and Gone...I'm disappointed.

Chris HesterSenior Analyst IJune 23, 2008

With professional wrestling limping around on its last leg, Vince McMahon and the WWE are doing all they can to try and improve ratings.  They've even gone as far as giving away money just for watching.  How desperate can they get?

Tonight they were presented with a perfect chance to put a little life back into the once great show.  Unfortunately, in my opinion, they failed.

Wrestling is seeing its fans lose interest for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, it simply isn’t “cool” to like it anymore.  I remember growing up watching the Hart Foundation, Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Ric Flair, Sting, Lex Luger…I remember watching some extraordinary displays of physical talent.  I knew it was fake, heck everyone did, but no one cared.  After all, Rocky’s fake and we love that guy!

I remember having lengthy conversations about whether or not the young up and coming Stinger would ever figure out how to beat “The Nature Boy” and the Four Horseman.  I remember discussing the “Montreal Screwjob” until there simply were no more angles to talk about.  It use to be fun to be a wrestling fan.

Wrestling has drifted away from what made it great.  It’s now a huge production with fireworks and insanely loud music.  The matches are ten minutes long but the “skits” are forty.  Vince has somehow turned his show into a long agonizing soap opera and only allows the fans to see “action” once a month and that’ll cost them $50.

There are no feuds right now anyone could possibly care about.  Can you think of one?  HHH and John Cena, that’s the best you can do, really?  Didn’t I see this one already?  Wait, and the winner gets to face Randy Orton…again. 

That’s okthough because tonight’s draft was the chance to give some young stars the opportunity to shine.  Time for the guys like CM Punk, Mr. Kennedy, Kofii Kingston, Eliijah Burke, John Morrison, Lance Cade, and others to make their splash onto the big stage.

Wouldn’t it be great to see a 2008 version of the Nation of Domination?  A group of young African-American kids held down by “the man” rising together to get themselves noticed?  Could you imagine a group with Burke, Kingston, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, and Cryme Tyme joining together to take over Raw or Smackdown?  Throw in the old Ron Simmons (the Faarooq Ron Simmons, not the joke he is now) as their leader and manager. 

Factions have gone a long way in helping draw viewers to wrestling.  Everyone watched as the NWO dismantled WCW.  Fans went nuts every time DX told authorities to “suck it”.  Even in today’s era, Evolution helped sky rocket Randy Orton and Batista to championship contenders.  Why not now?  Why not give some of these young guys a chance to band together.

Giveme a group with Mr. Kennedy, CM Punk, Ted DiBiaseJr., DH Smith, Lance Cade, and Carlito.  Let them battle with the new Nation of Domination on Smackdown.  I would Tivo that!

So what happened tonight at the draft?  Rey Mysterio, Kane, Batista, and CM Punk were drafted to Raw.  Could someone please explain to me who Mysteriois going to feud with on the Raw roster?  Anyone, we will move on: Jeff Hardy, Umaga, Mr. Kennedy, and HHH head on over to Smackdown on Friday nights.

Now, this makes sense if you look long-term.  Smackdown will be moving to a new network soon so the WWE had to put some fan favorites on the show in an attempt to boost the ratings after the move.  That being said, how do you move your biggest star to a show that is only seen by the die-hard wrestling fans?  I mean, honestly, Smackdown is on t.v. at 8pm EST on Friday nights.  How many people do you expect to stay home and watch at that time?

Last but not least, Matt Hardy was drafted by ECW.  You read that right; ECW lost Kane and CM Punk but got Matt Hardy in return.   I think that speaks volumes for the way Mr. McMahon feels about the ECW brand.

To make a long story short (too late) I was very disappointed in the way the draft turned out tonight.  I thought this would’ve been a perfect time to start new storylines and join together some young superstars.  Instead the kids will remain getting squashed while we watch John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the 150th time.