NFL Playoff Power Rankings

Shyne IVContributor IIJanuary 5, 2010

With the NFL playoffs set to take place this coming weekend, let’s breakdown the NFL Playoffs Power Rankings.


12. BALTIMORE (9-7)

Record vs. playoff teams:1-6

Notable win: @ San Diego in Week Two

Notable losses: @ New England in Week Four, vs. Cincinnati in Week Five, @ Minnesota in Week Six, @ Cincinnati in Week Eight, vs. Indianapolis in Week 11, @ Green Bay in Week 13.

Point differential: +130.

Streak: Won one game.

Breakdown: The Ravens are like the New Kids on The Block; They are good enough to make some noise, get people excited and sell out a few shows. But ultimately, they will fade over time and will be replaced by the new flavor of the month. Ironically, the new flavor of the month is the next team…..


11. NY JETS (9-7)

Record vs. playoff teams: 3-2

Notable wins: vs. New England in Week Two, @ Indianapolis in Week 16 (Colts rested starters in second half), @ Cincinnati in Week 17.

Notable losses: @ New Orleans in Week Four, @ New England in Week 11.

Point differential: +112.

Streak: Won two games in a row.

Breakdown: The Jets win with the old Ravens formula; Run the ball, control the clock and hit the quarterback. But then again, Buddy Ryan used to run the Ravens defense so it’s not that surprising. But with that said, here’s one rule that always holds true in the playoffs: A good defense can travel and play anywhere and in any type of weather.

If the Jets were a WWE wrestler, they would be John Cena. A lot of people can’t stand Cena because of his demeanor, his ability to talk a good game, his style and his lack of sound wrestling moves. But when it’s all said and done, he gets things done when it matters and is able to keep getting chances at the title.


10. ARIZONA (10-6)

Record vs. playoff teams: 1-2

Notable win: vs. Minnesota in Week 13

Notable losses: vs. Indianapolis in Week Three, vs. Green Bay in Week 17 (Leinart took bulk of snaps).

Point differential: +50.

Streak: Lost one game.

Breakdown: Madden might be on to something with the split covers from now on. Troy Polamalu fell victim to the Madden Curse but Larry Fitzgerald is still playing this season (weird right?). For the last few years, the team that has been defeated in the Super Bowl has seen itself crash badly the following season. The Cardinals have somehow avoided that whereas the Steelers will be watching the playoffs unfold this year instead of being part of them. Could this mean that Arizona might have some magic trick in store for us this postseason? I highly doubt it, but what explanation do you have for me?


9. CINCINNATI (10-6)

Record vs. playoff teams: 3-3

Notable wins: @ Green Bay in Week Two, @ Baltimore in Week Five, vs. Baltimore in Week Nine.

Notable losses: @ Minnesota in Week 14, @ San Diego in Week 15, @ NY Jets in Week 17.

Point differential: +14.

Streak: Lost one game.

Breakdown: Every game that the Bengals have lost against a team that has made the postseason this year, they lost on the road. When they open up the playoffs this year, they will be at home. Sometimes, it’s just that simple.


8. NEW ENGLAND (10-6)

Record vs. playoff teams: 2-3

Notable wins: vs. Baltimore in Week Four, vs. NY Jets in Week 11.

Notable losses: @ NY Jets in Week Two, @ Indianapolis in Week 10, @ New Orleans in Week 12.

Point differential: +142.

Streak: Lost one game.

Breakdown: One of my favorite actors out there is Samuel L. Jackson. The man can adapt to any role and yet it just seems that he’s always playing the role of the angry and loud dude that just refuses to shut up. No matter what his role is in a movie, you expect Jackson to give you at least one over the top scene in the movie where he just blows you away with his seemingly arrogant attitude. Think of roles such as Zeus Carver (Die Hard with a Vengeance ), Carl Lee Hailey (A Time To Kill) , Danny Roman (The Negotiator) , John Shaft (Shaft) or Abel Turner (Lakeview Terrace) ; Jackson just brings tons of emotion to the screen but also is able to get the audience to react to his every move.

Samuel L. Jackson represents the New England Patriots. A lot of people love to hate them because of their attitude, their portrayal in the media and their seemingly arrogant nature; but when the dust settles, the Patriots always end up in the thick of things with a chance to play the role of hero or bad guy depending of your vantage point.


7. GREEN BAY (11-5)

Record vs. playoff teams: 3-3

Notable wins: vs. Dallas in Week 10, vs. Baltimore in Week 13, @ Arizona in Week 17 (Leinart took bulk of snaps)

Notable losses: vs. Cincinnati in Week Two, @ Minnesota in Week Four, vs. Minnesota in Week Eight.

Point differential: +164.

Streak: Won two games in a row.

Breakdown: All of the Packers’ losses against playoff teams this year have come in the first half of the season. In the second half of the season, when Green Bay has played against playoff opponents, they have taken care of business. Take this into consideration though: The Packers have defeated playoff teams at home (the Arizona game doesn’t hold much weight with me).


6. MINNESOTA (12-4)

Record vs. playoff teams: 4-1

Notable wins: vs. Green Bay in Week Four, vs. Baltimore in Week Six, @ Green Bay in Week Eight, vs. Cincinnati in Week 14.

Notable loss: @ Arizona in Week 13.

Point differential: +158.

Streak: Won one game.

Breakdown: Let’s be real, we have all once gone out to a bar or a club and had a few too many beers and noticed an extremely attractive guy/girl that displayed tons of interest. By the end of the night, after spending some time chatting and dancing with that person, the buzz from the alcohol would be gone, the lights would come on and that person was no longer as attractive because your standards suddenly went back up and you were actually able to see what that person looked like. Well, in a nutshell, that’s the Minnesota Vikings.



Record vs. playoff teams: 0-4

Notable wins: 0

Notable losses: vs. New Orleans in Week Two (no McNabb in this game), vs. Dallas in Week Nine, @ San Diego in Week 10, @ Dallas in Week 17.

Point differential: +92.

Streak: Lost one game.

Breakdown: I know this guy that goes out every night, hits the clubs and hooks up with women. Don’t let anybody tell you any different; A man that believes there is strength in numbers is hooking up with a few hot chicks, a few average ones and a lot of ugly ones. But here’s my question to you: If he can only manage to hook up with ugly chicks, do his numbers count? Of course they do right?

It’s just that those numbers might not hold much weight because those numbers were amassed with some bottom feeders. Well um, this begs this follow up question: Is that what the Eagles have been doing all season? That 0-4 record against playoff teams has to mean something right?


4. NEW ORLEANS (13-3)

Record vs. playoff teams: 3-1

Notable wins: vs. Philadelphia in Week Two (No McNabb), vs. NY Jets in Week Four, vs. New England in Week 12.

Notable loss: vs. Dallas in Week 15.

Point differential: +169

Streak: Lost three games in a row.

Breakdown: The Saints have the biggest point differential of all the playoff teams, but by the time they host their first playoff game, they will have gone a whole month without winning a game. Despite all the wins and stats accumulated during the season, shouldn’t that keep the Saints as well as their fans worried a bit?



Record vs playoff teams: 3-1

Notable wins: @ Arizona in Week Three, vs New England in Week 10, @ Baltimore in Week 11.

Notable loss: vs NY Jets in Week 16 (Colts rested starters in second half).

Point differential: +109.

Streak: Lost two games in a row.

Breakdown: Lost in the debate of whether the Colts should have pursued perfection is the fact that the NY Jets were hanging in a tough game on the road in Indianapolis before the Colts pulled their starters.

In addition, the Colts decision to rest players might come back to bite them with the team now being forced to adjust their mindset and try to regain their momentum when they enter the playoffs.

As a Colts fan, I can honestly say that I will be nervous when the Colts open up the playoffs at home in the divisional round. The players will be rested, but will they have the edge required to win in the postseason?


2. DALLAS (11-5)

Record vs playoff teams:  3-2

Notable wins: @ Philadelphia in Week Nine, @ New Orleans in Week 15, vs Philadelphia in Week 17.

Notable losses: @ Green Bay in Week 10, vs San Diego in Week 14.

Point differential: +111.

Streak: Won three games in a row.

Breakdown: America’s Team made a resounding statement when they shut out the Philadelphia Eagles in the last game of the regular season. The Boys finally won a game when it mattered and will now be entering the playoffs with tons of momentum and the second best winning streak of any playoff team.

As it stands right now, despite all the controversy and the shots taken at them, the Cowboys are the team that is playing the best in the NFC right now. I liken them to an artist that has recently dealt with trauma and/or life issues who decides to address it all in his music (think Eminem). Ultimately, you might get something completely unexpected (like the song Déjà vu on Eminem’s Relapse album), but it ends up being brilliant, impressive and conducive to success.


1. SAN DIEGO (13-3)

Record vs playoff teams: 3-1

Notable wins: vs Philadelphia in Week 10, @ Dallas in Week 14, vs Cincinnati in Week 14.

Notable loss: vs Baltimore in Week Two.

Point differential: +134.

Streak: Won 11 games in a row.

Breakdown: Let’s see if Anchorman Ron Burgundy can helps us out with this one.

Ron Burgundy: I’m Ron Burgundy, go %$@# yourself San Diego.

Shyne: Not what I was looking for Ron, care to try again?

Ron Burgundy: Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale's vagina.

Shyne: Ron, that was rather inappropriate….

Ron Burgundy: I'm gonna punch you in the ovary, that's what I'm gonna do. A straight shot. Right to the baby maker.

Shyne: Never mind Ron, I got this. The San Diego Chargers are the owners of an 11 game winning streak and will enter the playoffs as the team to beat. They have had tune up games against playoff opponents late in the season and their only defeat to a playoff opponent came early in Week Two of the regular season.

Long story short, the Chargers have the weapons, they have the schemes, the (gulp) coaching and they have the momentum. Until a team can actually sway me to believe otherwise, the Chargers are the best team in the NFL. Anything you want to add to that Ron?

Ron Burgundy: You stay classy San Diego.

Ron Burgundy lines stem from the movie the Anchorman.