Too Pretty in Blue: Why Boise State Is Hard To Like

Josh KleinCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2010

Let me first confess.

I am a hater.

I hate the constant trick plays, I loath the soft WAC schedule, and I can't stand the Blue Turf.

Which is why, obviously, I was cheering for TCU in the Fiesta Bowl.

When the final interception was tallied and the Horned Frogs walked off on the short end of a great football game with their first loss of the season coming by the hands of the BSU defense more than the offense, I was struck with an odd question.


Why do I dislike Boise State, and why can a tolerate and even cheer for similar teams like TCU and Utah?

Even BYU and Houston are easier to cheer for than the Blue Broncos from Boise.

But why?

Quickly I came up with the answer.  It was as clear as a mountain spring in Idaho.

They are entertainment, not football.

When Boise State's offense comes onto the field you can expect a few things:

1. a lot of passing

2. a myriad of trick plays that are sure to make the highlight reels explode with entertainment

To top it off they play on a blue field.  A blue field, with actual blue field turf.  And when they play on it, they wear blue jerseys to match the blue field and try to confuse their opponents.

Then they wonder why Texas, Alabama, and Florida won't come play at their house.  They feel entitled when they beat one BCS team and then smother the rest of their schedule with teams like UC Davis and Miami of Ohio.

But this all pales in comparison to the real reason why so many real college football fans find it are to root for the Blue Bucking Broncos from Boise:

They are the Harlem Globetrotters of NCAA football.

They are entertaining to watch, and you hold your breath in anticipation anytime they take the field just waiting for the craziness to begin.  Sometimes you even expect Kellen Moore to pull the old football-on-a-string trick just like Handles Franklin does on the free throw line to bring chuckles from the spectators.

You see, while the Harlem Globetrotters are fun to watch, no one wants to see them in the NBA finals playing the Lakers.  In fact, if they did somehow join the NBA, I'm sure most serious NBA fans would root for the L.A. Lakers and Kobe, not the Trotters and Bam Bam Bamiro.

That's the real reason it's hard for me and most College Football fans to take the Blue Turf Broncos from Boise seriously and cheer for them.

You see, college football fans like myself are more interested in talent level, speed, agility, and powerful football, even if the spread offense gets involved.

It's this bias that shuts out Bronco-Nation.  It's this bias that means no playoff system, and it is this bias that is being perpetuated by the BCS in its matchup of TCU and Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl.

I'm not going to apologize for my general disdain of the Blue Turf and the Broncos.

However, I must say a few things in my defense:

Boise State must not consider themselves a BCS team until they are invited into a BCS conference (which unfortunately should be sooner than later).

What does this mean?

Like Fresno Sate, Boise must take on the attitude of "anytime, anyone, anywhere."

Go to Texas and play the Longhorns—they'll bring you in for a game—or to Nebraska or Alabama or, yes, even Florida.  Realistically these teams will not do a home and home with a non-BCS school.

If you make yourself available, people will bring you in, and if you can't get the big wigs, don't schedule teams like UC Davis for a 13th game.  In fact, if that's the only team you can get, it is better to leave them off the schedule.

Now don't be too mad, Boise fans, because I respect what you've done and accomplished in a place like Boise.

That doesn't mean I have to like it.

In the end it all comes down to likable football, and while Boise and the Harlem Globetrotters are good for a few gasps and laughs, I'll still stick with Kobe and Texas for my main course.

Boise State is like that interesting girl that you found attractive at first but you soon found out that the nagging gaudiness of her attitude outweighed her good qualities.

Maybe if she changed, even just a little, you'd give it another shot, but she won't, and you know in your heart that she will always be stuck in the same position because of that overwhelming sense of entitlement.