Countdown to MMA's Greatest: Part 5

Todd ParmeleeSenior Analyst IJune 23, 2008

Finally I have reached the top ten, which I am sure will bring some controversy.  I was thinking of changing the top ten the last couple of days but I have decided to stick with my original list. 

In parts one through four I ranked the fighters in the following order: 

#32 Don Frye, #31 Pat Miletich, #30 Mark Kerr, #29 Igor Vovchanchyn, #28 Josh Barnett, #27 Sean Sherk, #26 Tim Sylvia, #25 Dan Henderson, #24 Ken Shamrock, #23 Tito Ortiz, #22 Frank Shamrock, #21 Urijah Faber, #20 Cro Cop, #19 Sakuraba, #18 Matt Hughes, #17 Lyoto Machida, #16 Wanderlei Silva, #15 Mauricio Rua, #14 Rickson Gracie, #13 Dan Severn, #12 Takanori Gomi and #11 Bas Rutten. 

#10 Mark ‘The Hammer’ Coleman(6'1 245 pounds)

 Do not let his record fool you (15-8) because Coleman has always been known to fight against the best fighters in the world.  He has notable wins over Don Frye (2 times), Gary Goodridge, Dan Severn, Igor Vovchanychn and Mauricio Rua.  His losses have all come against, arguably the top fighters of all time (Fedor Emelianenko, Mirko Cro Cop, Antonio Nogueira).   Coleman did have a brief period where he suffered a four fight losing streak against some fighters he should have won against (Takada, Pete Williams, Maurice Smith and Pedro Rizzo).  By the way Coleman is a UFC Hall of Famer.

Coleman was due to fight Brock Lesnar in Minnesota at UFC 87, but had to pull out of the event due to a knee injury.  The 43 year old can still fight, but the question remains for how much longer. 


#9 B.J. ‘The Prodigy’ Penn (5'9 155 pounds)

Th 29 year old Penn is the current UFC Lightweight Champion.  He has noteworthy wins over Renzo Gracie, Matt Hughes, Sean Sherk, Jens Pulver and Matt Serra. His overall record of 14-4-1.  He is known for his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills.             

Penn recently defeated Sean Sherk at UFC 84 and it is rumored that he will have a rematch against Georges St. Pierre sometime later this year.


#8 Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture (6'1 225)

The 45 year old Couture is a UFC Hall of Famer with a 16-8 overall record.  Surprisingly, Couture still is near the top of his game. 

He has notable wins over Jeremy Horn, Chuck Lidell, Kevin Randleman, Vitor Belfort, Tim Sylvia and Tito Ortiz.  He operates an elite training facility for fighters called Xtreme Couture.  He has held the UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight titles.              

A lesser known fact about Couture is that his wife, Kim, lost in her MMA debut against Kim Rose in Las Vegas this past weekend.  The event was the first ever combined MMA/boxing event. 

 As for her husband, Randy, who knows when he will fight again.  Couture is supposedly starring in the Scorpion King 2, which will bypass theaters and go straight to DVD. 


#7 Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson (6'1 205 pounds)

The 30 year old Jackson (28-6) exudes confidence inside and outside the ring.  He made a name for himself in Pride, although he never was able to become the top dog in their light heavyweight division. Jackson, actually lost five times during his career in Pride.   Surprisingly he has made a smooth transition into the Octagon becoming the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.   Jackson has one of the most memorable  knockouts in MMA history, which occurred when he slammed Ricardo Arona to the ground           

Two years ago, Jackson probably would not have even have cracked a Top 25 list now he is in the Top Ten.                                     

Jackson had been vying to play Mr. T in the A-Team movie but the rumor is the role could be going to Ice Cube, which is a terrible choice in my opinion.                     

Jackson will be fighting Forrest Griffin at UFC 86. 


#6 Georges St. Pierre (5'10 169 pounds)

The 27 year old St. Pierre has compiled a 16-2 record.  He has noteworthy wins over Matt Hughes, BJ Penn and Sean Sherk

St. Pierre is the current UFC welterweight champion and is scheduled to fight Jon Fitch at UFC 87.