Will Things Be Bigger In Texas?

Jason RossiContributor IJanuary 3, 2010

Today the playoff bound (how sweet does that sound?) Patriots will head to Texas to play the Texans. This game is the first in 3 seasons that isn’t a “must” win for the Pats (that includes the path to perfection). The Pats are showing its not a must win by sitting: Lawrence Maroney, Kevin Faulk, Ty Warren, Vince Wilfork, & Leah Bodden,  I’m sure more as we get closer to game time.

So if you’re in a Fantasy league and week 17 matters, I would suggest grabbing some Texans. I think Matt Schaub will have a solid Fantasy day he’ll throw for around 300 and probably a score or two. Andre Johnson strikes some fear into me as a Pats fan, look for him to get 10-15 targets. Now will not be Texans Fantasy domination, here are your STUD, DUD, and Sleeper for the Patriots.

STUD- Randy Moss
Now I know this looks to be a typical Randy takes a game off situation, but I have a feeling he will play one Fantasy worthy quarter. Moss is all about his stats and would like to reach 15 TDs and he is 22 yards away from 1200. Forecast: 80 receiving yards, 2 TDs


DUD- Sammy Morris
Morris was quickly picked up after last week’s performance against Jacksonville (95 Yards and a score). Today with no Maroney and Faulk he will be the starter and get a bulk of the carries. I think Morris will put up around 60 yards, but no scores and shouldn’t get a start for you, instead pick up…

Sleeper- Fred Taylor
Taylor returned last week against his former team and played in just the 4th quarter (11 carries for 35 yards).  The Patriots know that Taylor’s experience will be key in the playoffs and I think they give him 15-18 carries today to get him in game shape heading into the Playoffs, also he knows this Texans defense rather well. Forecast: 80 rushing yards, and a score.

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