Alabama VS Texas BCS National Championship Preview

anthony pennaContributor IJanuary 2, 2010

Well college football fans the big game is finally here, the grandaddy of them all!!! (1) Alabama (13-0, SEC Champions) vs (2) Texas (13-0, Big 12 Champion) should be a good one for the ages. Just a season ago these two teams were fighting for the rights to go to this same exact game. Last season, Alabama went into the SEC championship game unbeaten and ranked #1, but fell horribly to a powerhouse in Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators. As for this season, same story but ranked #2. A different result occurred as they pounded the Florida Gators into the "Swamp's" grass. I can still hear all the TCU fans crying, but give credit when credit is due. Do I think TCU's defense would have shut down the Alabama offense??? I do think so, but now we will never know. As for right now Alabama is #1 and should be ranked #1. With the tough schedule they had in facing SEC opponents and of course facing Tebow and the Gators they deserve nothing less than #1.



As for the University of Texas this bid to the National Title was owed to them. Some say TCU or Cincinnati should have snuck into the #2 spot because the Longhorns faced absolutely nobody, which is true. The Longhorns strength of schedule was terrible, they faced high school teams all year. Their top games were against a Bradford-less and Gresham-less Oklahoma team, an average Oklahoma State team, and let's not forget that Nebraska game when they won 13-12 with 0:03 seconds left. Texas doesn't have a good resume to be ranked #2 (and this is coming from a Longhorn fan). Maybe the BCS is letting Texas go because they screwed them over last year. Texas vs Florida in last seasons National Title would have been a million times better than Florida vs OU and I believe Texas beat down OU pretty good, but hey I'm not going to get started with the whole playoff system. That's a whole different subject and article. You can say the Longhorns haven't faced anyone like the Crimson Tide (which they haven't), but DO NOT underrate the Longhorns. They are a force and if they got hot they can play with anyone in the nation.



Here is a little reminder. Do you remember when Leinart and Bush played for USC and Vince Young played for Texas??? Texas had no shot at beating USC, nobody gave Texas credit. Remember what happened??? If you saw the game trust me you wouldn't forget. Vince Young scrambles right and heads for the corner of the end zone with under a minute left. Touchdown Texas!!! Texas wins!!! Longhorns shock the world!!! All I am saying is Mack Brown and the Longhorns have been in this situation before and trust me they love being under the radar. Alabama fans you better hope your team can take all this hype because if not then you are in for a rude awakening.



If you look on paper or if you ask any college football fan it's a complete mismatch in favor of Alabama. Personally I think Texas's defense is underrated and this game is going to be low scoring with a defensive show. Everyone seems to think Ingram will just pound it down the throats of Texas and run their little play actions. I don't think Ingram will run wild like he has been. Texas's defense is fast and strong and I believe they are ready for Alabama.



This game will have two Heisman candidates in it: RB Mark Ingram from Alabama who did win the Heisman this year and QB Colt McCoy who finished 3rd in the voting. I feel Colt has something to prove in this game and to the world. He has struggled just a little bit this year compared to last year, but I think if the Longhorns have a shot he will have to play perfect and use both his arm and legs.



Another bit of information riding on this game. Both the SEC and Big 12 have 16 National Championships. Whoever wins this game will ultimately be known as the best conference in the history of college football. Also, if anyone is wondering if Texas and Alabama have ever played each other the answer is, yes. The all time record between the two is 0-7-1 in favor of Texas. Not so good Alabama. I believe this game will be remembered and talked about for some time whether your saying Texas sucks and TCU should have been there or Texas was for real and showed the nation what they can do.



Impact Players


QB- Colt McCoy (3,512 Yards-27 Touchdowns-147.46 QB Rating)


WR- Jordan Shipley (106 Receptions-1,363 Yards-11Touchdowns)


SS- Earl Thomas (128 Tackles-5 Forced Fumbles-10 Interceptions)


RB- Mark Ingram (249 Attempts-1,542 Yards-15 Touchdowns)


WR- Julio Jones (42 Receptions-573 Yards-4 Touchdowns)


DT- Terrence Cody (20 Tackles-5 TFL- 1 Pass Breakup)



Finally, my prediction is......



Texas 20, Alabama 17. Texas's defense stuns the Crimson Tide!!!



Yes! Yes! I can hear all of you now telling me how dumb I am. Hey I am a Longhorn fan and I believe we aren't getting enough credit in this one and we will shock the world again just like '05 =-).