The Willie Randolph Dilemma

Harris DeckerSenior Analyst IJune 23, 2008

Everyone in New York is completely sick of hearing about Willie Randolph. The Mets are off to a good start under interim manager Jerry Manuel, and things are looking up for the New York Metropolitans.

Amongst all of this, Willie Randolph is still finding his way onto New York's sports radio and newspapers.

The controversy now: Will Willie participate in the 2008 All-Star Game?

The problem stretches back a few months to when Clint Hurdle decided to name Willie Randolph as one of the coaches to participate in the All-Star Game. At the time, things were not as bad as they are now for Willie and the Mets.

Now, of course, we face the problem of, "will Willie be there", or, "which jersey will he be wearing?"

Clint Hurdle, in a public statement, said something to the regards of, I want Willie there. He chose him while he was still a manager, and the Rockies manager is still expecting Willie to be there.

There is no word yet on what the commissioner thinks about this situation, but one party that loves to chime in on these issues has made a statement.

Hal Steinbrenner said a few days ago that, "anything's a possibility," when it came to Willie Randolph. He even entertained the idea of signing him to an "honorary" position, just so he would be able to coach. 

There is no rule regarding this type of situation in the All-Star Game, and therefore the problem will be figured out in 2008.

Of course, Willie's participation, and wearing of a Yankees jersey (if it came to that) would be a huge slap in the face to the New York Mets, and another unnecessary distraction.

I do not believe that Major League Baseball and Bud Selig will allow this to happen without interfering. Willie Randolph needs to put his tail between his legs and graciously bow out of the All-Star Game. This will be the only way that no one gets shown up.

I just hope that the phone call above is being made to Clint Hurdle, wishing him luck in the All-Star Game, one that he will be watching from the stands.