Transfer News: Cristiano Ronaldo Is a Coward

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst IJune 23, 2008

One of the longest running transfer sagas of 2008 is set to end in the next fortnight with Cristiano Ronaldo set to demand a transfer. This will set up a world record bid from Spanish giants Real Madrid.

What has annoyed most of Ronaldo's avid Manchester United fans is he's taking them for a ride—one minute claiming he's happy, the next he wants to go. He is abusing the position he has in their minds.

What has hit me the most during this dragged out saga is Ronaldo's cowardice. When he is under Sir Alex's wing he says how he loves Manchester, the fans, the boss, his teammates, and winning trophies.

Ronaldo couldn't wait to escape Moscow and Ferguson before he began spouting his desire to quit again. He is afraid of his gaffer, so much so that he banned him from visiting Portugal's Euro 2008 camp.

This entire saga came from Ronaldo's greed and arrogance. His agent had asked for a payrise for his client, but the Glazers and David Gill refused to increase his recently signed £120,000 a week deal. Yet, obviously not understanding any concept of loyalty, Ronaldo began testing Real's resolve.

The Spanish giants were ready to jump on any scraps that could lead to Ronaldo. However, while Ronaldo was at Carrington and Old Trafford he dared say nothing—he seemed aware of a presence that could derail his dream. Could that presence be a certain Scot?

Rumours are escalting that Ronaldo will not return for pre-season training—guess who could be there to talk him down. Sir Alex Ferguson is bigger than Ronaldo, and the Portugal star can't handle that.

Hence the move to Spain, where players are hundreds of times more respected than managers. He is running away from a problem, like a coward. Does he not know how to be a man and face his problems?

What's the solution, just ban your problem from any form of contact with you, like a true coward?