Philadelphia Eagles Tailgating Still No. 1 in Philly

chris klinknerSenior Writer IJune 23, 2008

As we begin the final countdown to the start of the NFL season, and the Phillies continue their race to who knows where, a mini sports-controversy of sorts has developed.

No, it’s not which of the teams, the Eagles or Phillies, has the best chances of ending our 100-season championship drought, or even which team has made the most of their trade opportunities. It’s, believe it or not, which team has the best tailgating!

Now, despite the fact that this is a sports blog, usually reserved for serious discussions by self-proclaimed experts of X’s and O’s and player stats, neither of which I can claim intimate expertise in, I do know more than a little about food, BBQ, and partying, both indoors and out. I’ve had many serious discussions with my buddies Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker.

I’ve also been an Eagles season-ticket holder for the past seven years. That’s not a lot of time, I guess, in the scheme of things for Eagles season-ticket holders, but it is enough, I think, to make some credible observations.

Phillies tailgating vs. Eagles tailgating. Come on. That’s like comparing your neighborhood block party to Woodstock (no, not the Peanut’s character).

I’ve tailgated at Citizen Bank Park. A few hundred people and I enjoyed a picnic on a summer day in our t-shirts and shorts, sitting on lawn chairs, grilling some hot dogs and throwing around a baseball.

I’ve also tailgated at the Linc with several thousand people. With many of them, despite freezing temperatures and inclement weather, in t-shirts and shorts, thanks to visits from Jack and Johnny and cousin Bud. Many others, including myself, prefer to stay warm with layers of clothing.

We are sitting on Eagles chairs and living-room size sofas in front of stadium-sized TV’s. We gather around special Eagles buses and SUVs, and we are cooking ribs, steaks, pasta, and crabs on almost commercial-grade grills.

With all the comforts of home, or at least their neighborhood Tap, some never even go into the stadium. And, the way the Eagles have sometimes played, that’s not necessarily a bad thing...but, I digress into something approaching real sports talk!

To be fair about it, Phillies fans are getting better. I don’t remember any tailgating at the Vet, and football has a long tradition of tailgating. So, for a nice Sunday in the Park with a few friends, bring your grill with you.

But, for a real tailgating experience, come on out to the Linc. With the Eagles playing a home game this Thanksgiving, there is sure to be a real feast that day; turkey dinners with all the trimmings right from the tailgate.